Where Is Serial Number On Lifeproof Case

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100% Guaranteed FAKE, just call Lifeproof directly at 888-533-0735 with your serial numbers! There are NO AUTHENTIC or REAL CASES for under $79.99. I have spent hundreds on fakes over the past almost two years, they don't last long, materials are cheaper, do not function correctly. There some fake.


After paying $98 for a lifeproof case for my iphone 4s and having the Verizon rep install my phone inside, I came home to register the case. I had the receipt and a program registration number.Related:Besides wanting all kinds of info about my iphone, the warranty application wanted serial numbers from both the front and back of the lifeproof case, a scan copy of the sales receipt, and a snapshot of my iphone page showing some kind of MEID number. This was by only the 3rd page of the registration. I talked with Marcus in Customer Service who insisted I take the cover off the phone but couldn't tell me how to do it.He also said that I was the first person ever to have this complaint-that the warranty registration process is diabolical.

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!Product or Service Mentioned.

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Find Serial Number On A Lifeproof Case

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Where Is The Serial Number On Lifeproof Case

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