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Running time131 minutesCountryIndiaLanguageHindiBudget₹60 croreBox office₹234 croreBodyguard is a 2011 Indian -language film co written and directed. It is a remake of the director's own 2010 starring. The film was produced by and it featured and in the lead roles, with in a special appearance and in a voice role.

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It also stars, and in supporting roles. The film's first look and theatrical trailer was unveiled on 21 July 2011. Bodyguard was released in 3250 theatres worldwide.The film broke many records upon its release. Within the first day of its release, it went on to become the as well as the biggest grosser ever for a single day up until then. The film set another box office record, netting ₹1.03 billion (US$15 million) in its first week, thus becoming the Bollywood film until then.

The film became a major commercial success with a worldwide gross of ₹2.6 billion (US$38 million). Contents.Plot Lovely Singh is assigned as Divya's to protect her from goons hunting her to take revenge against her father, a kind and successful politician, who was responsible for saving his mother in an accident. Lovely is very devoted to his duties—but irritates Divya by following her everywhere. Divya and her friend Maya call Lovely; with Divya pretending to be Chhaya, a girl madly in love with Lovely, hoping this will distract him from his work.Initially hesitant, Lovely gradually starts loving the mysterious Chhaya and looks forward to her calls, but doesn't realise that it is actually Divya.

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  • A former Secret Service agent grudgingly takes an assignment to protect a pop idol who’s threatened by a crazed fan. At first, the safety-obsessed bodyguard and the self-indulgent diva totally clash. But before long, all that tension sparks fireworks of another sort, and the love-averse tough guy is torn between duty and romance.

Meanwhile, Lovely protects Divya on many occasions from the attacks of Ranjan Mahatre and his goons. Soon, Divya too falls in love with Lovely but is scared to reveal her identity, due to Lovely's immense devotion and loyalty toward his duties and her father. Divya, as Chhaya, later tells Lovely to run away with her and meet her at a railway station. Her father, Sartaj, begins suspecting that Lovely and Divya are in love and they might elope so he sends his men to kill Lovely.

Dec 19, 2014. Reading from a diary, a lad comes to know about a nobleman from Jaisinghpur, Sartaj Rana, who invited the wrath of the Mhatre brothers, Ranjan and Vikrant, by sending Lovely Singh to free abducted women bound for Thailand. Feeling threatened, he hires Lovely as a bodyguard for his collegian.

Divya convinces her father that Lovely's lover is someone else who is waiting for him at the railway station. Sensing that Lovely might be heartbroken if he does not meet his Chhaya, Divya sends Maya to tell Lovely her true identity. However, when Lovely sees Maya running toward him, he believes she is Chhaya. Maya tries to tell him that Divya is Chhaya, but sees one of Sartaj's men in the compartment, waiting for her to answer Lovely. She tells Lovely that she is Chhaya and hugs Lovely. During this Divya calls Maya but Maya gets on the train with Lovely and throws her phone away instead of returning to her friend.Lovely and Maya marry and have a son but Maya later dies owing to cancer. Several years later, Sartaj invites Lovely, who is now a multi-millionaire and is going to live in Canada and his son (Muhammad) to his house and apologises for his behaviour.

Lovely believed that Divya was happily married in so he is shocked to see her still living in the house, unmarried. His son, who knows of his mother's betrayal from a diary Maya had left him, explaining what she had done and that her early death was the punishment for her betrayal of her friend, grows close to Divya and apologises to her on his mother's behalf.On the last day of their visit, Lovely's son asks Divya to accompany him as his mother. Infuriated, Lovely tells his son to apologise but Sartaj tells Lovely that he feels the same and requests him to take Divya with him. Lovely accepts.

At the railway station, Lovely's son secretly throws away Maya's diary into the trash, having completed his mission. However, Lovely sees him and takes the diary from the trash. Upon reading it, he discovers that Divya was his actual love, Chhaya and that Maya had lied.

He calls Divya on her mobile and addresses her as Chhaya. Divya is overwhelmed with joy, realising Lovely finally knows the truth, and the couple is united.Cast ActorCharacterLovely SinghDivyaaMhatreSartaj RanaMaya KapoorMaster Mohammad FaizanSartaj L SinghSavitaShekharRanjan mahtreBindraMrs. RanaVikrant MhatreChhaya (voice)Surinder Narendar Milka Singh (Tsunami)item girl in the song BodyguardProduction The film's production company, Reel Life Production Pvt. Ltd, was bought by for ₹ 450 million.

This earned Reliance the co-producer status and an equal share in the IPR for perpetuity.The film director first offered the female lead to but she refused because she was not interested to play the same role in the original. The role then went to.Neerupa Menon, a mutual friend of director and Alvira Khan, introduced him to and, the to-be co-producers of the film, suggesting that he should venture into. Siddique sent his original Malayalam film to Alvira and Atul as a result of the suggestion and they convinced to watch the film. After watching the film, Khan was very impressed with it and agreed to do the Hindi remake.Shooting for the film began on 16 January 2011 at the campus situated in. The classrooms and academic block of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management were used in the Lavale campus.

The shooting later continued in the city of (Punjab). Two songs from the film were scheduled to be shot in Europe but were later shifted to in to cut costs as the film had already exceeded its initial budget. Release Bodyguard opened across 2,250 screens in 70 Indian cities and with 482 prints across the overseas territory, released in. Reliance Entertainment set aside a marketing and print budget of around ₹220 million (US$3.2 million) for the film, one of the highest ever in. The satellite rights of the film were sold to network for ₹270 million (US$3.9 million) for seven years.

Critical response The film received mixed reviews from critics. Of gave a score of 4/5 and said 'BODYGUARD works for varied reasons – it has a simple, captivating story with a dramatic twist in the tale, the chemistry between the lead actors is poor but the music is well juxtaposed in the narrative. But its biggest USP is, without doubt, Salman Khan. He carries the film on his broad and brawny shoulders and that alone is the imperative reason for watching this film.'

Of Koimoi, while praising the performance of Salman Khan, gave it a rating of 4/5 and wrote, 'Bodyguard will prove to be a hit because of Salman Khan's performance.' Gave the film 4 stars and praised the directorial skills of Siddique: 'Kudos to filmmaker Siddique to have presented Salman Khan in a way never seen before! And the action sequences are breathtaking.'

Awarded the movie 4 stars and stated, 'Overall, Bodyguard is a good masala entertainer and it can be a perfect time-passer for this Eid and Ganesh festive seasons. Salman's fans should not miss to watch this movie.'

Samay Live gave it 4 stars and wrote; 'There are stunning events of twist in the film which will keep you stay with your seats till the end. Shivesh Kumar of awarded the movie 4 out of 5 stars. Kaveree Bamzai of awarded the movie 3 stars and stated: 'Anyone who has watched Khan's recent movies will recognise the signs – a killer dialogue which will be remembered till the next blockbuster is manufactured, a signature ring tone, and a pre-fight ritual-in this case, it is taking off his watch.


In his review for, Gaurav Malani wrote: 'Salman Khan is cool and convincing in the title role. His subdued act and charming innocence wins your heart. Kareena Kapoor is likeable. Bodyguard doesn't catch you off guard. But it's a decent entertainer nonetheless.'

Phelim O'Neill of praised the technical aspects of the film and awarded three of five stars: 'Bollywood movies have improved dramatically in technical terms over the last few years. Here the fight and stunt sequences are afforded as much care and attention as the song and dance scenes; it's all top-notch stuff.' Awarded the movie three out of five stars and wrote: 'Salman, Kareena and Siddique serve a good Eid biryani for the audience by blending romance, action and comedy.' Shubha Shetty-Saha of gave it two and a half stars saying, 'The film is obviously not expected to be intellectually stimulating. But to give it due credit, it provides loads of entertainment, the kind you may have come to expect of a Salman Khan film.' Sukanya Verma of gave it 2.5 of 5 stars and stated: 'A standard entertainer with generic ingredients like action, emotion, romance, comedy, song and dance, the Hindi remake of Malayalam super-hit Bodyguard is like a mediocre Pizza Margherita that's gone stingy on the mozzarella, bland on the sauce with nothing except a half-crunchy base and uneven scattering of basil leaves.'


The film also received a few negative reviews. Andy Webster of the said 'If only the film's archly slick director, Siddique, had adopted the same winking attitude toward the romantic arc. A twist near the end sends this contrived movie into a maudlin stratosphere from which it doesn't recover.

But at least, in Ms. Keech's supporting presence, understated yet palpable, we sense a performer of emerging, and remarkable, star power.' Of The Times of India gave 2.5 out of 5 stars and wrote, 'The film, a remake of a South Indian hit, may end up as another blockbuster, like most Salman films have been doing in the recent past. Yet, sadly, this one's mostly bluster.'

Sonia Chopra from gave the film 2.5 stars and said 'Bodyguard is endurable (and I say this without any condescension) for those who can forgive the haphazard story and be happy enjoying the songs and watching Salman and Kareena onscreen.' Saibal Chatterjee from gave the film 2/5 stars and concluded that 'If you value the mop on your scalp and the grey cells in your head and want guard yourself against this potentially mind-numbing body blow, give it a miss. Better be safe than sorry!' Aniruddha Guha of gave it 2 stars and wrote: 'Salman is charming as ever, and the fact that he’s playing a slightly different character would have actually worked to the film’s advantage if it was backed by a better script.' Rajeev Masand of gave it 2 out of 5 stars and called it a lazy remake.

Mayank Shekhar of panned the film giving it one and a half stars. He argued that the film 'for more parts, is a sappy romantic pap'. Shubra Gupta from also gave it one and a half stars and said 'Bodyguard' can also safely be called in which Salman Continues to Give Us Those Ones.' Box office India Upon release, the film opened to a phenomenal response at the domestic box office and packed cinema halls, 'witnessing 100% occupancy across shows', according to.

Reported that ' Bodyguard has smashed all records' and the film went on to become the highest opener of all time across India, grossing ₹213 million (US$3.1 million), thus breaking the record of (2010). The film grossed an additional ₹173 million (US$2.5 million) and ₹133 million (US$1.9 million) on its second and third day respectively, bringing the total nett collections to ₹520 million (US$7.5 million). On its fourth day of release, it netted around ₹148 million (US$2.1 million), and ₹188 million (US$2.7 million) on its fifth day, taking the total nett collection over the extended five-day weekend to ₹855 million (US$12 million). The film continued its successful run at the box office netting ₹85.8 million (US$1.2 million) on Monday, ₹65 million (US$940,000) on Tuesday, and ₹55 million (US$800,000) on Wednesday.

The total nett collections of the extended nine-day first week were ₹1,095 million (US$16 million). During its second weekend, the film raked in another ₹140 million (US$2.0 million) nett. Bodyguard netted a total of ₹1,609.5 million (US$23 million) in India at the end of its run. Overseas Meanwhile, the film grossed a record-breaking 1.1 million on Tuesday, its opening day in, making it the highest opening day ever. The film collected $1.25 million in four days, and $1.7 million in six days in the United Arab Emirates.

In the United Kingdom, the film ranked at number 9 in the UK Top 10, and collected an impressive £64,000 on Tuesday, its first day of release, though it was a limited release with screens at only 32 cinemas. On Wednesday, a full release in 51 cinemas raked in £195,000, making it the highest opening day ever for any Indian film, and breaking the box office record for week-day collection set. The film grossed £840,000 in six days. In the North America, the film collected $295,000 on its first day of release, and $3.8 million in four days. In Australia, the film collected $100,000 in three days, and $250,000 in five days. In Pakistan, the film collected Rs.

5 million on its first day of release. In the overall overseas market, Bodyguard grossed $3.8 million in four days, while the total collections amounted to $5.25 million over the extended weekend. As of 4 January 2012, the film has grossed $8.3 million from all overseas markets.Released27 July 2011 ( 2011-07-27)Length48: 16Alvira AgnihotriHimesh Reshammiya chronology(2010)Bodyguard(2011)(2011)chronology(2011)Bodyguard(2011)(2011)The film's songs are composed by Himesh Reshammiya along with one song by while the lyrics are penned. The music rights were sold to for 60 million.The is composed by.Track listing No.TitleMusicSinger(s)Length1.' Bodyguard'Himesh Reshammiya, Band of Power3:412.' I Love You',4:203.' Desi Beat'Himesh Reshammiya,4:124.'

'Himesh Reshammiya,5:275.' Desi Beat' (Remix)Himesh ReshammiyaMika Singh, Amrita Kak3:486.' Teri Meri' (Reprise)Himesh ReshammiyaRahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shreya Ghoshal3:417.' Teri Meri' (Remix)Himesh ReshammiyaRahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shreya Ghoshal5:278.'

Bodyguard' (Remix)Himesh ReshammiyaSalman Khan, Band of Power3:289.' Desi Beat' (Punjabi Hip-Hop Mix)Himesh Reshammiya, Amrita Kak3:5810.' I Love You' (Remix)PritamAsh King, Clinton Cerejo4:2011.' I Love You' (Unplugged)Pritam, Clinton Cerejo4:1112.' Theme' (Instrumental)Himesh Reshammiya2:30Total length:48: 16The melody of the song Teri Meri is copied from the very old carols representing spiritual singing of Orthodox Romanian Church tradition, usually sung on Christmas Celebrations by many Orthodox Christians (which can be Romanian celebrities, such as Cleopatra Stratan in 2009 or Paula Seling in 2009 / priests in 2008 / or sung by normal people) to express their joy for Christ`s birth. Carols preserves some of the oldest Romanian poetic achievements being inspired from Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition, occupying an important place in the creation of Romanian people. Retrieved 18 September 2012.

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