Danby Portable Air Conditioner Installation

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The Danby DAC080BEUWDB (Costco) is part of the Air Conditionertest program at Consumer Reports.


. Determine the window where you’ll install your air conditioner.

The Top 3 Danby Portable Air Conditioner Reviews. When it comes to effectively cooling a single room or apartment, many people turn to portable air conditioners. A Danby Portable Air Conditioner unit provides powerful cooling without the need for large window spaces and expensive installation costs. Their designs are often sleek and stylish.

Danby portable air conditioner 14000 btu installation

If there’s no three-prong outlet nearby, you’ll need an extension cord labeled for air conditioner use. Check the load on the circuit you plan to use. If it’s also powering other devices, even simple ones such as a hair dryer, you may want to choose another window near a different circuit, add a dedicated circuit or move those other appliances somewhere else to avoid a tripped breaker or blown fuse. Not every air conditioner fits every type of window. Determine whether your window is a slider, a double-hung, or a casement style. Most units work only in double-hung windows with a lower sash you can raise and lower. Also, measure the width and the height of the window opening to confirm whether an air conditioner will fit.

Danby Premiere Portable Air Conditioner

Decide how much additional insulation and rain protection you’ll want to add around the window (beyond the air conditioner’s side curtains). For example, you may want to add pieces of white expanded foam insulation along the sides or within the gap between the upper and lower window sashes. How’s the weather outside the window? A west-facing window could catch enough sun to force the air conditioner to work harder. Does the wind typically whip rain against that side of the house? Consider adding additional barriers to keep the water outside. If you have curtains or drapes at the window, consider adding a blind or shade.

These options won’t block the air conditioner and can be adjusted to give you privacy. Inspect the window to make sure it’s in good repair. After installation, you probably won’t open that window for months until it’s time to remove the unit, so now’s a good time to wash the glass inside and out. You’ll also want to clear the area around the window and leave yourself plenty of working space with no tripping hazards.Check for obstructions in the window opening, such as storm window frames or screens that might interfere with the overhanging part of the air conditioner on the outside. Raise or remove the screen and either remove the storm window (and frame) or fasten a spacer block to the windowsill to lift the air conditioner case away from the storm window frame.

Danby 8000 Btu Portable Air Conditioner Installation


After balancing your air conditioner on the windowsill, it’s easy to see why you need that top sash to stay put and hold the unit in place. To prevent the sash from being accidentally raised, insert at least two screws through the upper flange on the air conditioner case into the window sash. The screws could possibly split the wood if you don’t drill pilot holes first. Use a bit that’s slightly smaller than the core of the screw.

Then wrap a piece of masking tape around the bit so that it limits your drilling depth to the length of the screw.Then do one of the following: Attach the L-shaped clips that connect the bottom sash frame to the top sash frame, or cut spacers from 2-in. Stock and wedge them between the bottom sash and the top of the window frame. Pull the side curtains out to the edges of the window frame to keep bugs and moisture and hot air from entering the room. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for directions on screwing or clipping the curtains in place.Expanding curtains help seal your room, but they’re no substitute for insulation. Consider cutting white foam insulation board to fit snugly around the opening from the outside if your window receives lots of sun.

You can also buy accordion-style insulating panels and cut them to fit the opening.