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Create Dynamic ReportTrack your Average Sales per day, Profit earned over years, Expense distribution, Average rainfall and even baby growth charts on Zoho Creator Reports. You can use the data contained in your Zoho Creator Application to create a variety of Charts and Graphs as per your need. The Reports are based on the data contained in the views that you have already created in your application. You can create one or more reports based on a particular view.

These reports can be used across a wide range of functional areas. Just like you have made a custom database application to suit your needs, you can also create Reports that will suit you the best. You can create a large variety of charts and run a riot of colors in your graphs and make them eye catchy! See how to create reports. Generate Informative Pivot tablesUnorganized data is always a pain. Data summarization helps in ascertaining the condition of the business in quick manner is a critical aspect in any line of business.

Pivot tables provide you with powerful views, summarizing the data in a gird, just the way you want - horizontal or vertical columns and thus make number crunching a lot easier than it actually is. Pivot tables are also popularly known as Matrix Views or Cross Tabs.


Download OpenRPT report writer by xTuple for free. Graphical SQL report writer, designer and rendering engine, optimized for PostgreSQL. WYSIWYG display, GUI built with Qt, runs on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X.

You can create a range of Pivot tables in your applications using the different summarizing options such as Sum, Average, Count, Min, Max etc available. Again the Pivot tables are based on the View data and each view can have any number of Pivot tables based on it. You can also create multi-level Pivots by specifying multiple fields for the Rows/Columns/Data Axes.

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See how to create pivot table and pivot chart. Play around with the data - Filter/ Sort DataThe Chart/Pivot table reflects the data contained in the View it is based on. If any criterion is applied to the View, the same criteria will be applied to the generated Report as well. However if you would like that Report to contain different criteria, you can include the criteria to be applied to the Report in the Report Builder screen. You can pick and choose the data that is to be displayed in the report by checking/unchecking the checkboxes displayed on the right side.

In case you need to take a look at the underlying data, simply click on the Chart generated. If you have created a Pivot table, you can sort the data in the Report Builder screen. Learn more about data filtering and data sorting.

DBF Converter & DBF Viewer - the most popularDBF editor and viewer forWindows 9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7!View dbf file, edit dbf file, and print dbf files!DBF Converter & DBF File Viewer is a compact but powerful tool for viewing, editing, and printing DBF-format databases. DBF Converter & DBF Viewer uses its own database access tools and does not require external drivers for connection to databases (such as ODBC or BDE) or additional libraries (.OCX,.DLL). The program allows you to add, delete, recall, sort, zap, pack records, view and edit files in DOS or Windows character sets, get detailed database information, export to txt/html/csv/xls/xlsx format, and search in a file. OverviewDBF Converter & DBF Viewer is a compact but powerful tool for viewing, editing, and printing DBF-format databases -.It supports dBase, Clipper, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro and other DBF file formats.

In contrast to many analogues, DBF Converter & DBF Viewer is completely a Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista program.