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In typical Floorboard tradition, I had to pick a special band for its 400th post. After a lot of deliberation, I had to finally settle on the best band of all, Fugazi. To put it simply, they're this pretty influential punk/post-hardcore band from Washington, DC that were around from 1987 to their 2003 hiatus and featured members of Minor Threat and Rites Of Spring. However, there is much, much more to be said about them, and I will not even be able to scrape the surface of what makes them the phenomenal band they are. Regardless of that, thank you for letting this blog kick around long enough to make it all the way to 400, and if we're lucky, it just might last another 400, haha. Since the start of this blog, I've had serious reservations about posting Fugazi. The sole reason behind that is the sheer amount of things that could be said about this band.

It could stretch anywhere from a master's thesis to a three-volume encyclopedia as to why Fugazi are, undoubtedly, the greatest band to ever exist. Consider influence, originality, experimentation, energy, politics, catchiness, lyrics, live shows, or any other myriad of categories that constitute defining a 'great' band, and Fugazi go above and beyond mastering them in the same way that bands like The Beatles or The Velvet Underground are commonly heralded for doing, and rightfully so. Fugazi are an experience to indulge in, and thankfully they are one of the best documented bands of all time. Of course there are the actual albums, which could constitute an entire volume of that encyclopedia explaining why the songs and the recordings are absolute genius, and that could be broken down track by track, album to album.

However, I think it's best to keep it short and let others find out why this is for themselves. Besides a perfect discography, they have a ton of visually recorded material. Their documentary, Instrument, is a perfect starting point for anyone getting into them. There's some of their absolute best live sets in there (see: 'Glue Man' and 'Shut The Door'), as well as some interview footage, in-studio clips, and random scenes from their daily lives. It's a great insight into the band, all packaged into this one very artfully done documentary. There's also the Fugazi Live Series, which involves the band making full live sets available through Dischord, so almost any one of their shows is either or will be available to hear in full at some point in time. Even on YouTube, there's a ton of full live shows from them that I'd encourage checking out, so you can see what made their shows such a mind-blowing experience.

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With things settling down in my personal life, I am hoping to restart my efforts and focus on this blog. Previously my efforts we're so focused on creating posters, social media postings, raising readership and such. I don't have that much free time anymore to put my energy into juggling so many different proverbial balls in the air. All files downloaded should be deleted within 24 hours of download. All music files are posted for evaluation purposes only. I have nothing to do with blogger nor am i responsible to the content on this blog. None of the content shown/presented here is hosted on any of blogger's servers.

The on-stage improvisation is seamless due to the rigid practice schedule they had, and it is an absolute awe to watch a band that tight cut through a set as diverse as theirs. As far as other information about them goes, there's a plethora of it out there; whether it be through other documentaries, interviews, or readings both online and in certain books, there's plenty that's available and incredibly interesting. There is so much I want to rant and rave about when it comes to Fugazi, whether it be their music or their modus operandi. Even what I have written down now seems insufficient, and it's taking a lot to not just start again and try it perfect it, haha.

But never mind that, the thing that caught my attention about them wasn't some blog's description. It was their music, plain and simple. They're a rare breed of band, since everything is their discography is worth giving a listen to, since they constantly expand on what they've done to progress with what they're doing next. I'll quit praising at their heels for now, so here's everything I've got by them, and thanks for sticking around to 400.