Making Crack With Levamisole For Goats

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Never give your goat too much wormer. Ivomec is a chemical, and an overdose can cause serious health problems such as stumbling, lack of coordination and seizures in your goats. Only use the medicine after consulting with your veterinarian. Wait at least 36 days after administering Ivomec before drinking milk or eating meat from a treated goat. For goats, only the drench formulation of fenbendazole and albendazole, and the feed formulation of morantel tartrate are approved for use. Oral administration is preferred; and with drenches, it is very important to make sure the product is delivered over the base of the tongue.

Levamisole Dosage For Goats

I was cleaning out my big binder a few days ago, as it was stuffed to the gills with all my farming papers. All those receipts, records, phone numbers, addresses, notes, and miscellaneous things I had printed out for future reference were making my binder crack prematurely. One of those miscellaneous items that I had forgotten about was a sheet of feed rations for poultry, which the had listed on their website for folks. I liked the detail on the ingredient lists, and the fact that they state the protein amount for each thing; so these papers have stuck around.

Dosage Of Levamisole For Goats

99% Pure Levamisole HCl Powder Fast Working Parasite Control for AquariumsInternal parasites treatment extremely effective on sick Plecos and other tropical fishes.99% Pure Levamisole HCl Powder is an anthelmintic (anti-worm) agent that works to rid of unwanted parasites in your aquarium, and boosts your pets' depressed immune systems. Relied upon by both aquatic hobbyists and experienced professionals, Subquaria Levamisole powder enables you to combat worms and parasites quickly and safely.If Fenbendazole didn't resolve your parasite issues, Levamisole HCl is the answer to your problems.IMPORTANT - Please Read Ioften get messages from buyers who tell me they had gotten LevamisoleHCl Powder from another source and the standard dosage amount wasn'tdoing much to kill the parasites. If this has happened to you in thepast, chances are your medication was cut with another substance asfiller to stretch purchasing power or the seller was simply selling youexpired medication (sadly, this happens way too often). With that said,please do not use more than what is suggested here. Our product is99.9% pure!

No cutting agent is used in our product, other thanfree-flowing dust from the air. I take no responsibility shall your fishfall ill from using more than what is suggested by the instructions weprovided.-Subquaria. — Manufacture & Expiration Date: Beware of other retailers selling expired product at 'discounted price'. Manufacture Date:.

Expiration Date:. Batch #: BT1. As an added benefit, it also boosts the immune competence of fishes.The LD-50 (the lethal dose of a compound for 50% of animals exposed) of Subquaria is 250 mg/l per 24 hours.

This level of dosage doesn't even come close to what was suggested for use in a water bath (the method used in our fish tanks). Only extreme overdosing with this medication will result in death to your fish. Few accounts of adverse side effects in aquarium have been noted even with much higher than currently accepted appropriate dosing.Easy Instructions for Aquarium Use:1. Feed your fishes as you normally would.2. Remove active carbon and UV lights from your filter (if any).3. Do a 50% water change with your favorite dechlorinator.4. Add Levamisole HCI Powder to your aquarium and keep the aquarium lights off for 24 hours.5.


After 24 hours, do 75% water change with your favorite dechlorinator.6. Repeat this process in 3 weeks time.The following chart explains what concentration of Levamisole to use.We include a free measuring spoon in each packet.The instruction sheet will state how many scoops to use according to your aquarium size. You may need to apply the treatment several times to fully eradicate parasites.There is some question about the Levamisole killing eggs in ripe females.These eggs could be expelled after death and remain viable to hatch into more worms.Appearance: White Crystal PowderSpecific Optical Rotation: -121.5°Assay: 99%Brand: SubquariaMelting Range: 437-446 °FClarity of Solution: CompliesAcidity: PH3.5-5.0Light Absorption.