Laser Stage Lighting Lss 020 Manual Transmission

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Product descriptionChatter is for cell phones, not clutches. That’s what makes the South Bend Stage 2 Daily Clutch and Flywheel Kit the perfect everyday performance upgrade for your Volkswagen GTI, Golf, Jetta or GLI, or some Audi A3 models: It’s quiet at idle – even with your foot off the clutch pedal. Windows up or down, air conditioning on or off, the South Bend clutch is quietly reliable, holding up under the strains of enthusiast driving and HP mods. USP Motorsports knows that as a VW owner, you’d rather hear your new exhaust note than idle chatter, making this your ideal clutch kit.What is a stage 2 clutch? You need only read South Bend clutch reviews to know this package is, above all, a high performance upgrade.

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Although the South Bend Stage 2 can handle occasional moderate racing, this is not a heavy-footed, leg-straining Stage 3 racing clutch. It’s a 2 stage clutch engineered for enthusiastic street use in your Volkswagen or Audi.The operation is light and stress-free, with precise engagement that lacks unnecessary drama – while harnessing the excitement of the extra horsepower and torque you’ve wrung from your VW through modifications. Expect more feel from your clutch and less rev hang for seamless downshifts.With the South Bend Stage 2 Daily, the rhythmic tapping at idle that accompanied earlier versions is gone. This South Bend Stage 2 Daily Clutch and DXD Flywheel Kit doesn’t chatter about its capabilities the way earlier versions did. It’s a stronger, more durable, cooler-running clutch without the unwanted sounds. Clutch chatter was never a defect, of course; it was simply an audible side effect of replacing a stock flywheel with a high-performance single-mass flywheel. Now you get the benefits, not the noise.“Flywheel and clutch kit” hardly describes what this clutch for VW Golf and Audi provides: The South Bend 22-pound single-mass flywheel made by DXD does not diminish starting performance.


The heavy-duty pressure plate tolerates higher clamp pressure but doesn’t require uncomfortably heavy pedal pressure. The clutch disc’s organic material has high metal content to elevate the burst point to 12,000 RPMs and to discourage glazing and scoring, adding up to superior durability.You also receive a throw out bearing, pressure plate bolts, flywheel bolts and a flywheel alignment tool that ensures proper installation, whether by you and your bros or a professional. So far so good! Just got the clutch past break in. Even just at 500 miles this set up is far superior to the factory set up. Pedal feel, engagement, rolling starts from stop lights are easier (even with the lighter flywheel), everything about it is just better. So far I have a UM stage I tune, Autotech HPFP, cat delete and some other minor driveline mods and this clutch holds up no problem.Advantages: Engagement, pedal feel, dead starts, increased rev-matching capability, speed shiftsDisadvantages: Lighter wallet, however you are getting a GREAT clutch.

MakeModelYearEngineAudiTTMK2 (2008-2015)2.0 TSIAudiA (8P)2.0 TSI (FWD)VolkswagenJettaMK5 (05.5-2010)2.0 TSIVolkswagenJettaMK6 Sedan (2011-2014)2.0T Gen3 GLI (2013.5-2014)VolkswagenJettaMK6 Sedan (2011-2014)2.0T GLI (2012-2013)VolkswagenJettaMK6 Sedan Facelift (2015+)2.0T Gen3 GLIVolkswagenJettaMK6 Sportwagen (2010-2014)2.0 TSIVolkswagenGolf/GTI/RabbitMK5 (06-2009)2.0 TSIVolkswagenGolf/GTI/RabbitMK6 (10-2014)2.0TVolkswagenEosALL2.0 TSIVolkswagenCC(2009-2017)2.0 TSIVolkswagenBeetleBeetle (2012+)2.0 TSI.

2000 Mustang GTThe 2000 comes with a 260 horsepower (at 5250rpm), 281 cubic inch (4.6 liter), single overhead cam V8 engine upgrade and rear spoiler. Options only for the GT included leather bucket seats; and 17 inch, five spoke alloy rims.Other years of the Mustang GT: 2000Examples of a 2000 Mustang GT(click on the photo for a larger image and more information)Black Mustang GTBlack 2000 Mustang GT convertible with a 260hp (at 6250rpm), 281 cubic inch, 4.6 liter, electronic fuel injected, single overhead cam, V8 engine.

This car has the standard GT 17 inch five-spoke alloy rims.full photo set:Silver Mustang GTAwesome silver 2000 Mustang GT coupe owned by Javier from Gainesville, Georgia. This was featured Attitude Of The Week Mustang for the week of 11-11-07. Javier tells us more, 'The Mustang was a car that I always liked. My dream came true. I got my car four years ago and I made some modifications. Check out the late model Mustang in the background.full photo set:Zinc Yellow Mustang GTZinc Yellow 2000 Mustang GT Spring Feature Edition convertible with a 260 hp (at 5250 rpm), 281 cubic inch, 4.6 liter, electronic fuel injected, single overhead cam, V8 engine.

Zinc Yellow was only available in the spring of 2000 in the form of a special GT package for an additional $995. Besides the special paint, this package added a different hood, different side scoops, special 17x8 inch five spoke wheels, black side stripes, and black rear embossed bumper Mustang lettering.full photo set:Black Mustang GTBlack 2000 Mustang GT Spring Feature Edition convertible owned by Karen Irvine from Dover, Delaware.

This was our featured Attitude Of The Week for March, 29, 2009. Karen tells us, 'It was bought brand new in October of 2000. The salesman informed me the car was one of four like it in the Mid-Atlantic region. It has no mods other than an aftermarket head unit. It is the 5th Mustang I have owned since I was 16, when I bought my 76 Mustang II GHIA. In the midst of all these Mustangs I have also owned four Thunderbirds SC and LXs.

Laser Stage Lighting Lss 020 Manual Transmission Reviews

I love the Fords!' Special 17x8 inch wheels, hood scoop, and side scoops are part of the Spring Edition package.full photo set:Zinc Yellow Mustang GTThis Zinc Yellow 2000 Mustang Spring Feature GT convertible, owned by John of Illinois, is our Attitude Of The Week for August 9th, 2009. John says, With its Bright Clearcoat Zinc Yellow paint, dark charcoal leather interior, black convertible roof, GT Spring Feature Edition factory markings & throaty exhaust sound, this 2000 Mustang GT convertible is a head turner wherever it's driven.

Laser Stage Lighting Lss 020 Manual Transmission System

A 4.6L V8 EFI is complimented with a 5 speed manual transmission. There is a Mach 460 AM/FM stereo/CD/cassette sound system with integrated digital clock to entertain you in the articulated sport bucket seats & full leather interior. The Mach 460 Sound System has 460 watts of peak power, parametrically equalized amplifier, two subwoofer amplifiers, four 5.5x7.5 inch subwoofer speakers and four mid range tweeters. Power surrounds this GT (door locks, windows, driver's seat, mirrors, convertible top, decklid & rack & pinion steering). This car is for sale: check out more information at.full photo set:Black Mustang GTBlack 2000 Mustang GT convertible owned by Jerry Patrick from Barnsdall, Oklahoma. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week photo for the week starting 8-30-09. Jerry tells us, 'I bought the 2000 GT convertible from a used car dealer in Del City, Oklahoma.

The GT has some minor mods including Bullitt wheels with Cobra inserts, the GT front bumper had been replaced by a Cobra style bumper, the original exhaust had been replaced with a Flow Master exhaust system that had been moved to the front of the rear tires, an updated PCM, and seat heaters.' Full photo set:Crystal White Mustang GTCrystal White 2000 Mustang GT Steeda convertible owned by Tony Pence from Atlanta, Georgia. It's ID numbers are (ST-360) #GT-002.