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Bringing this back from the dead I know. But all MMS is, is a third party mobile start system with a Mazda branding on it. I just had my windshield replaced which the antenna are unusable after being scrapped off. To repurchase the antenna it's $110. This system is crap.

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How to use Mazda 3 push-button start By Product Expert Posted in, on Friday, September 25th, 2015 at 2:09 pmIf you’ve never used one before, we’ll tell you exactly how to use Mazda 3 push button start. It isn’t difficult to do, but there are few steps you’ll need to remember before you get going.Here’s how to use the push-button start on the Mazda 3In order to start the engine with an automatic transmission, shift your Mazda 3 into the P or N position.Depress the brake pedal. With a manual transmission, shift into neutral and then depress the clutch pedal.Press the push button start after the green indicator light appears. Let the engine idle for about 10 seconds after it starts.To stop the engine, shift the automatic transmission back into P or shift your manual transmission engine into neutral.Then, press the push-button start to turn off the engine.To activate the accessory mode, the press the push-button start once. A yellow light should illuminate. Shut the engine off in an emergency.Continuously press the push button start when the vehicle is stationary.

If the vehicle is moving and you must shut off the engine, quickly pressing the button a continuous number of times will shut off the engine. To start the engine with a dead key batteryPull the auxiliary from the key and use the auxiliary key to unlock the door.Follow the same steps as above. A green push-button start light should illuminate after you have depressed the brake on an automatic transmission.Touch the push-button start button with the backside of your key while the green indicator light flashes. When the light as turned solid green, it means it’s ready to go.Press the push button start and let it idle for 10 seconds.Sharing is caring!