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Jan 14, 2017  Do I need to use ESR Patcher when I burn a backup disc, or will they work without it on a softmodded PS2. Sony's Playstation 2. We are all about the games, discussions, news, questions or suggestions related to the PS2. The esr software requires discs patched with esr. That is the whole point of it. Permalink; embed; save; give award. Download ESR disc patcher GUI v024a's game information and ROM (ISO) download page for Mortal Kombat - Shaolin Monks (Sony Playstation 2). Wiz khalifa promises mp3 download. Or torrents are your friend. ESR Disc Patcher GUI v.

Yeah it has to be a bad backup, i think there is only one version of esr too so i doubt the software is bad, gotta be the backup games that played off burnt discs always ran.ty compared to when i would transfer to internal. - Post Merged -. i havent touched my hacked ps2 in ages, is there anything new or cool i could install on it i wonder, my hacked ps3 hogs all the attention. One thing that annoys me about my hacked ps2, the nintendo, genesis and super nintendo emulators will show a black screen when i use component cable, i would have to switch to av cables to play but im never gonna go to that much trouble so pretty much my emulators on my ps2 are useless, anyone know a fix??

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I start it buy going to esr on main screen. It does flash colors and then gets stuck on now loading (phantom brave) but never loads. My discs are philips do you think thats the problem? This is could be one of the following, or a combination of some of them - Bad media (As much as it hates for me to say this, I had the best luck using Sony discs) Bad rip (Try ripping an iso of the game again, patch it with esr disc patcher) Use ImgBurn to burn games to discs, and do not write them any faster than 2x for the best outcome (unless you like wasting discs) Check compatibility lists to see if your games are compatible with ESR. According to, Phantom Brave is. I have a site bookmarked on my other PC that has a very extensive compatibility list that I will get and post on here later.