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Think old Hindi songs and you think of Rafi’s voice! For over three decades, he was the singing voice of generations of heroes.

His melodious voice could soar into high notes for a passionate song or dip down into the low notes for a ghazal, adapt itself equally well to a qawwali, a classical song, a Rock-n-Roll number, or a bhajan. It wasnt just his vocal range and melodious voice that made him such a popular singer. There was also that elusive quality – Charisma with a capital C - in his voice (a quality that onscreen stars had cause to be grateful for!). And then of course, as points in her, he was also a consummate actor. He could make you laugh and cry, tug on your heartstrings, make you feel blue, or ready to dance.

29 years after his death, his voice is still fresh and charismatic as ever! Thanks for making such a wonderful list.

I love the A-Z format used for his duets or group performances. Must check them all out! If you ever get to make a list of his solo work please consider these two: Shammi's personal favorite 'Tum Mujhe Yun Bhula Na Paoge;' that beautifully sad love song from Pagla Kahin Ka (1970). And 'The She I Love' - a very funny novelty song sung in English and which was a remake of 'Hum Kale Hain Toh Kya Hua' from Gumnaam(1965).What a majestic and versatile voice he had!

Anonymous, YAY! For Rafi fans. There is soooo much Rafi goodness for us!:-Ddustedoff, thanks! I started by thinking of a favorite Rafi songs list, until I realised that I like pretty much everything of his pre-70s and most of his stuff after that too!A lot of the songs were new to me as well - serendipitous finds on youtube. That site is doing what Vividh Bharati ki vigyaapan prasaran seva used to do earlier - re-introduce golden classics!bollywooddeewana, it wasnt so much Bollywood knowledge as perseverence, determination, and google+youtube!maxqnz, your comment reminds me that I havent got a single duet of his with Shamshad Begum or Suraiya in here.

He has such a vast body of work that its impossible to be all inclusive! I remember reading somewhere that Rafi's best romantic numbers are with Asha (and not with Lata, as one would have thought) - the ones I love best are, but then I love Asha! And I agree about Rafi + Shammi - they always worked so well together.As to not being familiar with most of these before - you werent brought up with Vividh Bharati (an All India Radio service that broadcast mostly old songs in the 80s and 90s) playing at home all the time!

But you have youtube, so you can actually 'see' the songs instead of just imagining the picturisations.ajnabi, I had a lot of fun hunting up songs to match with my criteria - all those hours on youtube.:-)Mister Naidu, I never knew he sang an English song! Is it available online? I'll try to find it. Rafi was certainly one of a kind. Wish there was someone like him nowadays!Filmi Girl, Rafi+Shammi would definitely brighten up my morning, too! Poor sad commuters, they dont know what they are missing.shell, thanks! I tried to steer clear of his more well known songs (even they would probably be new to you), so a lot of it was fairly new to me as well.

What a clever construct for a list. And I'm tickled pink to see the Roshan beauty 'falak milega tujhe' cited - not many people know the song.While I'm an 'Ashavaadi' myself (though I adore Lata.almost. as much), and was happy to see many Asha-Rafi duets in the list, mention must be made of the Geeta-Rafi combo.


They had a special chemistry of their own as can be heard in the wonderful 'chupke se mile pyaase pyaase' from Manzil.it's interesting to see that you love Rafi's 70s output as well.I dislike them with the same vehemence that I love his 50s-60s songs.:-). Mister Naidu, thanks so much for those. Its so interesting to hear Rafi singing in English. The second one's tune was a bit distracting - I kept substituting Baharon phool barsao for Although We Hail From Different Lands!Shalini, do you know anymore about Falak milega tujhe? I dont remember ever hearing it before I stumbled across it last week on youtube. Its lovely.You are so right about Rafi and Geeta Dutt - they have lovely duets, too.

Chupke se mile and Tum jo hue mere humsafar ( 12 O'Clock), and their other duets in Guru Dutt movies are all great. I love Geeta Dutt too, but am just more of a confirmed 'Ashavaadi' (love that term!).As to Rafi's 70s songs, they arent hate-worthy, surely?! I like Chura liya hai, Hum kisise kam nahin (and others from that film), Teri galiyon mein na, Jab bhi yeh dil udhas hota hai, Waada karle sajna - not a patch on his 50s and 60s stuff, but still pretty nice.

Or maybe its just the relief of hearing Rafi in the 'Kishore' decade! Excellent post.I really like the fact that you have two songs on your list from Jugnu.:) I haven't been acquainted with this soundtrack for all that long (compared to many people:), but I think the songs are fantastic, especially for the singing! (Not understanding the words, I can still listen to that duet with Noor Jehan over and over.)I also was amused by your comments on 'Gora Rang Chunariya Kaali' - those were my thoughts too!:) And it is one of my favorites also.A couple of years ago, I learned from a Rafi fanatic (not connected to our blogging circle) that Dec. 24 was Rafi's birthday. But I was not aware of - or maybe had just forgotten - the date of his death anniversary, so this post was a nice surprise to me. Richard, I was only familiar with the Rafi-Noor Jehan duet before, but thanks to youtube I found the Woh apni yaad dilaane ko number.

I did mean to use only one of them, but couldnt bring myself to leave either one out! The duet because its lovely and historic, and the other one because Rafi is actually onscreen (and lip syncing to another singer in one scene!) and because its such a fun song.This post was actually planned for Rafi's birthday, last Dec. But then I couldnt finish the song list to my satisfaction by 24th Dec, hence a post now! Anarchivist - Rafi (and the beautiful people) will definitely pull you out of the snake-pit! As a matter of interest, which is the movie from among the ones featured in my list, that you have seen?Pessimissimo, thats interesting!

My perception about Lata and Asha is the exact opposite of yours. Lata's voice I always associate with virginal purity, probably because she sang for 'pure' heroines more often than not. Asha on the other hand, got to sing for more interesting characters as well, and I associate her voice with more earthy and gritty character.memsaab, Asha sure rules over everything, as far I am concerned, too.:-DAnd I cant imagine Shammi with any other voice - the Mukesh number in Bluffmaster was so wrong!theBollywoodFan, yes, his classical songs were awesome too!

Somehow, one always associates Kishore Kumar with silly but fun songs - I am still discovering Rafi's songs in that category and he is just as good there as he is in his serious stuff!I wouldnt blame the consumers of today for the kind of music that comes out - if that was true oldies wouldnt be popular in today's generation and new films wouldnt be forever referencing old songs. And wasnt the Parineeta soundtrack a big hit? It was pretty oldies-oriented to my ears.

I'm sorry for the tangent here, Bollyviewer. I don't think the popularity of music from one era always means the lack of popularity of music from another.

There are enough people who consume either or both. And Parineeta is a fine example, but it is after all a period film that has a well-aligned soundtrack.

(Tangent: We do agree on liking everything about period films, by a lot more;)I just have a hard time believing there's been such a disproportionate supply-demand ratio over the past three decades. How would the filmi music possibly industry sustain itself? The demand clearly exists, that is why the supply has only increased and managed to make immense success stories of the likes of Pritam and Anu Malik. (Just saying, it's not like I haven't bought their CDs, LOL.)I want to bring Rafi into any discussion on filmi music of the last 30 years, but it's not like there's a lack of talent out there. From a qualitative standpoint, lyrical dementia more than anything seems to be the problem, but that might just be me. Darshit, glad you enjoyed it. I had such fun researching Rafi songs on youtube!theBollywoodFan, I didnt mean to imply that current music has no market or even that there is a dearth of talent nowadays.

That is, of course, not true! All I meant to point out was that there IS a market for oldies and their kind of music as well (judging by the inventory of old songs and movie VCD/DVDs in Rhythm House, alone), and I am not sure why it isnt exploited. For the lack of availability of these things, I dont hold the consumer responsible - because all we can really do is choose from what is available.

Its like in a democracy, one can only vote for the candidates on the list, no matter how much one may want other candidates!And you are so right about 'lyrical dementia'. Just compare the lyrics of Anarkali songs to that of Jodha Akbar ones - the poetic beauty of the former seems to be entirely missing in the latter!

I loved your comparison about being bowled over in love to the one being LBW. Guess, Indians are not bowled over, but they rather get out by LBW. (song: He ne Khelaa She se Aaj Cricket Match)Secondly, regarding the song UDEN JAB JAB ZULFEN TEREE, a little demystistification is in order. Those were the days when Dilip Kumar's crop of hair used to be the high order of fashion for men, though for Dilip Kumar his hair were just unruly that's all. So, youngsters used to purposely bring a curl of hair on their forehead as a style, and at once used to meet with the remarks: 'Kyaa Dilip Kumar' (Dilip Kumar huh? It goes to the credit of that great lyricist, Sahir Ludhianvi, who summarised that effect into the Naya Daur song. Shontou, Kishore and RD Burman do seem to grab most listeners that I know of, too, so maybe its their popularity thats responsible?Harish, thanks!Shail, thats a lovely post and so very imaginative!

Romance is what first comes to mind, when I think of Rafi's songs too.theBollywoodFan, I think we are destined to agree to disagree on a lot of topics! Lol It does lead to a lot of intelligent and interesting discussions.Nasir, thanks for that insight. Dilip Kumar did have lots of hair - something I imagine a lot of other heroes must have envied too!Re the He ne khela she se song - its the only 'cricket' song I remember hearing, which is surprising considering how popular cricket is in India and what an intimate relationship it has with the filmi world! Have you heard any other cricket songs?Anarchivist, Madhubala did a lot of fun stuff (I actually havent seen any of her pining roles, except for Mahal!), but ya vamping it a bit was unusual! NikhilBollyviewer -you are right that Kishore may be more popular in India thanks to the media and its RD fixation. However, I would think that Rafi is a much bigger phenomenon globally, and the phenomenon is growing bigger as the days go.

Plus, no amount of media push and propaganda can hide the fact that Rafi was a much superior singer than Kishore and all the other greats -those who understand music just know it. Even Lata paid a tribute on Rafi's 29th death anniversary, and hailed Rafi as the greatest ever Indian playback singer (male or female). They both have great songs and I guess there is room for both in filmi musicThis is one of the really intersting and seemingly unique aspects of desi filmi fandom. Across both cyberspace and meatspace it seems that many, if not actually most, desi fans of a particular actor/actress/playback singer/director feel that being that person's fan requires them to diss perceived competitors. It is most often evident with playback singers, especially the men.

Like you, Bollyviewer, I think there is room for several great playback singers, but I have noticed a desi trend to act as if saying 'X is the greatest' (a perfectly valid subjective statement) is not enough and that it MUST be accompanied by 'Y is a croaking cretin whose songs are total bavaas'. IMDb and Wikipedia are excellent sources of examples of this pattern. It makes me pleased to be coming at this from a firangi POV and able to relish them all - Rafi, Kishore, Talat, Mukesh and Manna Dey (concerning whom I agree with the view that he was underutiilised). I even like some of Asha's croaky didi's songs.;). Maxqnz, agreed. Just because one performer is the best doesnt mean the others are bad.

And yes, Manna Dey was criminally underused in Hindi films. He is still probably the finest singer in Hindi films. Perhaps he wasnt quite as good an actor as Rafi was, perhaps he wasnt as charismatic, I dont know. I must admit to liking Rafi better, even though I think Manna Dey was probably a better singer!And did you just call the nightingale of India a 'croaky' singer?!!!

Burning at the stake awaits you for such heresy!;-) People who know music say that Lata is much better than Asha. I say that Asha is a way better actress than Lata and can sing a wider variety of songs because of that. I really dont dig Lata's peppy and Western numbers, nor do Lata's sad songs induce tears the way Asha's do.

Rafi Downloadming Full

But hey, even I wouldnt dare to call Lata 'croaky'!!! Besides, didnt we just agree not to diss our not-favorites? Thank you soooooooooo much for including the link to this in your latest post!!!I love your list and love the way you chose to make it. I truly madly deeply love Rafi. And oh yes, I'm an Ashavaadi too. As long as I get to listen to Asha and Rafi I wouldn't ask for anything more.I hadn't heard few songs here in your list.I sat down on 24th Dec to make a list of my favourite Rafi songs, but I gave up.


I love all songs of his. I just ended up with 'I love Rafi' article.Even now, I stick on to Doordarshan (esp Rangoli and Chitrahaar)and Vividh Bharati. I usually do but I make sure not to miss any of these programs on/around 31st Jul and 24th Dec.Coming to Asha.recently there was an R.D Burman special Rangoli episode. It seems Asha used to complain to Pancham da that he gives all good songs (as in picturized on the leading ladies) to Lata and makes her sing the remaining songs.

To this R.D would say: Those are the songs that anyone can sing, but the songs that I give you are the ones which only you can sing!I prefer Naushad, O.p Nayyar, Roshan. Ie pre-70 era more than RD era any day, but there are some love RD tracks that Rafi has sung.And Shammi and Rafi combo.what an amazing duo they made - I really find it weird listening to someone else singing for Shammi.I'm not anti-anybody. I like other singers as well - Talat, Mukesh, Kishore, Manna Dey, Mahendra Kapoor, Lata, Geeta Dutt, Shamshad, Noor Jehan but Rafi and Asha will always remain my favourites! Sunheriyaadein, YAY!

For more Asha vaadi Rafi fans!!!Me too, on loving pre-70s music, especially Rafi, pre-70s. He certainly had a lovely voice. I love Talat, Manna Dey, Hemant Kumar, Kishore Kumar, etc., too, but there is only one Rafi! Love that RD quote about Asha - she certainly is in a class of her own.And Vividh Bharti is still on? I remember finding it very difficult to tune into the station, once FM came on the scene. After playing with my radio orientation and its antenna orientation, for weeks on end, I had to give in and began listening to FM and the non-stop (annoying) chatter of the FM hosts.

Rafi Downloadming Song

In Canada, of course, I would be glad to have even AIR FM to listen to! PunyaHi.came across to ur blog on Rafi sahab. Nice list indeed, considering the fact that it is SO much difficult to choose 26 odd songs from a pool of hundreds (or maybe thousands?) of Rafi numbers.

Rafi Downloadming Free

Though it was a comprehensive list, I was searching for Geeta-Rafi dutes in the list as I am a grt fan of both the legends and consider Geeta-Rafi combo the best in hindi music!just hear them in Pyaasa's waltzy number 'Hum aapki aankhon mein.' Or 'Chupke se mile pyaase pyaase.'

From Manzil or other SD Burman or OP Nayyar compositions. They have the best chemistry as far as singing is concerned. This pair is to hindi film music what Raj-nargis pair is to silverscreen (all this IMHO).