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In the mean time, join ourCongratulations for first place!Refer to our before posting.If a piece of text needs to be hidden from others as spoilers, please use: (#spoiler)Output:Welcome to the Official community sub-reddit! We're a community of fans dedicated to the Spyro The Dragon series of platformers originating from the very first on the PlayStation and the titles that followed from the variety of incarnations he's had from The Legend of Spyro to Skylanders. Hey guys, I've never really used emulators before but I was looking to play the original Spyro games on my new PC (GTX 1060, i5 6500, 16gb RAM) and have no clue how to go about doing so. I know a few of you are probably experts at it given all the great texture hacks and whatnot I see on here, so I was hoping to get any help possible.Specific questions I have:What's the best PS1 emulator for the original trilogy?How do I set it up to play the games best?How do I get them running in 1080p (also 60fps if that's possible)?Is there anything else that can be done to make them look better/play better?Thanks for any help!.

Just download Pete's OpenGL2 PSX GPU, extract, and place it in the epsxe plugins folder. At this point find a PS1 Bios, mine is SCPH1001.BIN. You'll have to find this yourself since this is a. When setting up controller 1, I select [SCPH-1200] Dualshock [F5] from the dropdown list in the top right corner. Author Topic: Some information about PSX BIOS numbers (Read 72228 times) omgmog (OP) Administrator; Doesn't sleep. (SCPH-1200) controller, and now featured a light show program called SoundScope in the CD player menu (this was actually a stripped-down version of Baby Universe).

Bin file download

When emulating something like a PS1, it's always says 60fps but internally is truly 30fps since that's what they were made to run at. You could boost it to 60fps internally but doing so would also make the game double speed. That said, get epsxe. I use version 1.9.0, as the latest one gives me issues.

For 1080p and HD I use plugins fromJust download Pete's OpenGL2 PSX GPU, extract, and place it in the epsxe plugins folder. At this point find a PS1 Bios, mine is SCPH1001.BIN.

Bin file

You'll have to find this yourself since this is a piracy thing and may or may not be against subreddit rules to link it. Place the file in the espxe bios folder. Start epsxe, select the bios and video driver you downloaded when asked to select one. Keep everything else default until you get to controller setup.

When setting up controller 1, I select SCPH-1200 Dualshock F5 from the dropdown list in the top right corner. Then just set your buttons by clicking the boxes and pressing a button on the controller (I use an Xbox One Afterglow wired controller).So after you finish first time setup, the epsxe window will open. Click Config and go to video. Select configure under 'Select/Config Main Video Plugin'.

Click 'OK' it'll close and now click 'Config Soft Video Plugin'.Also make sure you have ISO's ready to play, again a piracy thing so I won't link anything. When ready, click FileRun ISO. Your game will start.

Pressing F5 in game will enable analog if it doesn't activate itself. Is the game looking like you want it?

Scph 1200 Bin Download Minecraft Server

If not, play around with your video driver and soft driver settings.

Okay well let me start off with my specs, i have an AMD Turion 64 x2 Mobile Technology TL-50 1.6 ghz with 2 gigs of ram. Im running windows vista 32-bit with a radeon x1200 videocard.i installed psx2 and when trying to configure it, it told me NPPTools.dll was missing. So i hunted that down and downloaded it put it in the directory and now i can fix the configuration. Now i have a bin file of final fantasy x (i think - SCPH-70012BIOSV12USA200.bin) in my bios folder and also a SCPH-70012BIOSV12USA200.NVM in there as well.i then try to run cd/dvd, choose my bin file, and the console starts reading 'ISOReadBlock: 5xxxxx 1783' repeating over and overthe number keeps getting higher and higher forever as far as i can tell. I cant really read what it says before that because the numbers show up too fast.i have tried using every type of video configuration and all have the same result, some get farther than others before it happens though.

When i use the zerogs that isnt opengl i get a nice little picture saying zerogs with some japanese on it and a big red ball or something.i also just noticed when i click run cd/dvd in the console it says ROM2 and EROM not found, however it still allows me to choose my bin, can anyone save me? Thanksbtw i have these things in my bios folder, most of them came together in the same folder.PS2 Bios 30004R V6 Pal.binPS2 Bios 30004R V6 Pal.MECPS2 Bios 30004R V6 Pal.NVMrom1.binscph10000.binscph10000.NVMscph39001.binscph39001.MECscph39001.NVMSCPH-70004BIOSV12PAL200.BINSCPH-70004BIOSV12PAL200.EROMSCPH-70004BIOSV12PAL200.NVMSCPH-70004BIOSV12PAL200.ROM1SCPH-70004BIOSV12PAL200.ROM2SCPH-70012BIOSV12USA200.NVMSCPH-70012BIOSV12USA200.bini have a ps2 if i have to dump the bios files from it if im missing any.

If im missing some files for the game bios just let me know, but i have been looking around for a long time and ive seen people with my problem got a new cd/dvd plugin or something like that.