Archon Classic 2010 Pc Shooting

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  1. Archon Classic For Windows

BrickShooter Classic (version 3.4) This version of BrickShooter implements the classical BrickShooter gameplay for your desktop Windows powered computer. BrickShooter is a uniquely addictive challenging game for strategists of all levels from children to grand masters.

Is there anything more satisfying than swinging the backend of a Lamborghini around a sweeping bend, putting your foot to the floor and racing past the rest of the pack with driving music pumping through the radio? Probably not. But which PC racing games do it best?While it may have given way to the console scene in recent years, PC has still always been a hot bed for some of the top racing games across all of the different genres.

Archon Classic For Windows

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Before your Gran Turismos and your Forza Motorsports started leading the way on console, there were a ton of old racing games for the PC that made it the go-to device for many budding petrolheads, with Geoff Crammond's F1 sims fondly remembered by some as the leaders of the pack. But with the arrive of Project Cars, we're now in a renaissance for the platform and it's where some of the best PC car games can be found.The great thing, is they're also so varied. Whether it's rally games, simulation driving experiences, arcade or multiplayer racing games, or games that are connected with Formula 1, there's so much to choose from. And with power-house franchises like DiRT and Need for Speed still innovating and iterating, things will only improve in the future. So with that, here's the top 30 PC racing games of all-time.


Archon Classic is an interesting twist to chess, where you control your pieces during 'confrontation'. This means that every time you are going to kill an enemy chess piece, you will have to control it in a real time battle field.The game supports up to four human players simultaneously and allows you to play in three different chessboards. Each team consists of eighteen pieces and each of them possesses a unique ability that can be used during combat.Besides the game mode with other users, Archon Classic includes an arcade version for a single player with more than sixty levels, lasting up to fifteen hours.Archon Classic is a very entertaining game that will definitely appeal to every chess fans.