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See also:. (1961). The Collected Works of Irving Langmuir Volume 3: Thermionic Phenomena: Papers from 1916–1937. (1961).

The Collected Works of Irving Langmuir Volume 4: Electrical Discharges: Papers from 1923–1931.These two volumes from Nobel Prize winning scientist, include his early published papers resulting from his experiments with ionized gases (i.e. The books summarise many of the basic properties of plasmas. Langmuir coined the word plasma in about 1928.; (1963). Cosmical Electrodynamics.won the Nobel Prize for his development of (MHD) the science that models plasma as fluids. This book lays down the ground work, but also shows that MHD may be inadequate for low-density plasmas such as space plasmas.

Licence 3 et Magist ere de physique. Ashcroft & N. Par exemple, l’existence de di erentes phases (gazeuse, liquide, solide) n’est pas contenue dans les lois de Newton et des d etails du potentiel d’interaction inter-atomique (mais seulement dans quelques propri et es g en erales). C’est le passage a la limite N.

Astronomy and astrophysics. (1543). On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres (in Latin).

Nuremberg: Johannes Petreius. P. 405.Favoured the heliocentric model (first advanced by ) over the of the solar system; sometimes credited with starting the in the Western world. (1609). New Astronomy (in Latin). Prague. — (1992).

New Astronomy. Translated by William H. Cambridge:.Provided strong arguments for and contributed valuable insight into the movement of the planets, including the first mention of their elliptical path and the change of their movement to the movement of free floating bodies as opposed to objects on rotating spheres (two of ). One of the most important works of the. Kepler, Johannes (1619). Harmony of the World (in Latin).

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— (1997). The harmony of the world. Translated into English with an introduction and notes by E.

Duncan and J. Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society.Developed the third of. Astrophysics. See also:Astrophysics employs physical principles 'to ascertain the nature of the, rather than their positions or motions in space.' . Burbidge, E. M.; Burbidge, G.

R.;; (1957). 29 (4): 547–650.A landmark article of stellar physics, analysing several key processes that might be responsible for the synthesis of chemical elements in nature and their relative abundances; it is credited with originating what is now the theory of.; (1976). 'Velocity dispersions and mass-to-light ratios for elliptical galaxies'. 204 (6): 668.Introduction of the relating galaxy luminosity and velocity dispersion.; Fisher, J.

'A new method of determining distances to galaxies'. 54 (3): 661–673.Introduction of the between galaxy luminosity and rotation-curve amplitude. Ferrarese, Laura; (2000). 'A fundamental relation between supermassive black holes and their host galaxies'. 539 (1): L9–L12.:.Introduction of the between black hole mass and galaxy velocity dispersion. Cosmology.

See also:deals with the physical properties of condensed. These properties appear when atoms interact strongly and adhere to each other or are otherwise concentrated. Kamerlingh Onnes, H., 'Further experiments with liquid helium. On the change of electric resistance of pure metals at very low temperatures, etc. The resistance of pure mercury at helium temperatures.' 120b, 1911.

Kamerlingh Onnes, H., 'Further experiments with liquid helium. On the change of electric resistance of pure metals at very low temperatures, etc. The disappearance of the resistance of mercury.' 122b, 1911. Kamerlingh Onnes, H., 'Further experiments with liquid helium. On the electrical resistance of pure metals, etc.

On the sudden change in the rate at which the resistance of mercury disappears.' 124c, 1911.Series of articles about superconductivity.; (1933). Elektronentheorie der Metalle. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer Verlag., and papers. (1956). 'Bound Electron Pairs in a Degenerate Fermi Gas'. 104 (4): 1189–1190.;; (1957).

'Microscopic Theory of Superconductivity'. 106 (1): 162–164.;; (1957). 'Theory of Superconductivity'. 108 (5): 1175–1204.These three papers develop the of usual (not high T C) superconductivity, relating the interaction of electrons and the of a lattice. The authors were awarded the for this work. Ashcroft, Neil W.; (1976). Brooks Cole.Polymer physics.

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See also:. Kolmogorov-Arnol'd-Moser papers.See section. Fermi, E.; Pasta, J.; Ulam, S. (1955)See section. (1963). 'Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow'. 20 (2): 130–141.A finite system of deterministic nonlinear is introduced to represent forced dissipative, simulating simple phenomena in the real atmosphere.

All of the solutions are found to be unstable, and most of them nonperiodic, thus forcing to reevaluate the feasibility of long-term weather prediction. In this paper the is presented for the first time, and gave the first hint of what is now known as.; Yorke, James A. 'Period Three Implies Chaos'.

Physique Des Solides Ashcroft Mermin Pdf Printer

The American Mathematical Monthly. 82 (10): 985–992.Optics. Main article:. Thomson, JJ (1897).See the section. Hess, V. (1912).See the section. C.D.

Anderson (1932). 'The Apparent Existence of Easily Deflectable Positives'. 76 (1967): 238–9.Experimental detection of the verifying the prediction from the Dirac equation, for which Anderson won the Nobel Physics prize in 1936. See also: C.D. Anderson (1933). 'The Positive Electron'. 43 (6): 491–494.

Fermi, E. (1934).See the section. J. C. Street and E. C. Stevenson. 'New Evidence for the Existence of a Particle Intermediate Between the Proton and Electron', Phys. 52, 1003 (1937).Experimental confirmation of a particle first discovered by Anderson and Neddermeyer at Caltech in 1936; originally thought to be Yukawa's meson, but later shown to be a 'heavy electron', now called. Cowan et al.

(1956)See the section. Wu, C.

S.; Ambler, E; Hayward, R. W.; Hoppes, D. D.; Hudson, R. 'Experimental Test of Parity Conservation in Beta Decay'. 105 (4): 1413–1415.An (based on a theoretical analysis by Lee and Yang ) that proved that by the weak force, later confirmed by another group in the same year.

This won Lee and Yang the Nobel Prize in Physics for 1957. Sakharov, A. (1967).See section. Griffiths, David (1987). Introduction to elementary particles (New ed.). New York: Wiley.Standard undergraduate particle physics textbook. Quantum mechanics.

Wilczek; Wilczek (1973). 'Ultraviolet behavior of non-abelian gauge theories'.


30 (26): 1343–1346. H.D. Politzer (1973). 'Reliable perturbative results for strong interactions'. 30 (26): 1346–1349.Won the three researchers the Nobel Physics (2004) prize for the prediction of.; Schroeder, Daniel V. An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory. Addison-Wesley Advanced Book Program.Standard graduate textbook in quantum field theory.

Relativity Special. See also: and. (1916). The Foundation of the General Theory of Relativity (PDF).

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354 (7): 769–822. Archived from (PDF) on 2006-08-23.This publication is the first complete account of a general relativistic theory. (1923). The Mathematical Theory of Relativity. Cambridge University Press.Einstein considered this the finest description of the theory of relativity in any language.;; (1973).

24th printing. Freeman.A book on gravitation, often considered the 'Bible' on gravitation by researchers. Published by W.H. Freeman and Company in 1973. It covers all aspects of the General Theory of Relativity and also considers some extensions and experimental confirmation.

It is divided into two 'tracks', the second of which covers more advanced topics. Its massive size (over 1200 pages) has inspired nicknames such as 'the phone book'. Statistical mechanics and thermodynamics.

With commentary by Stephen Hawking. Philadelphia: Running Press. Magie, William Francis (1963). A source book in physics. Harvard University Press. Pickover, Clifford A. Archimedes to Hawking: laws of science and the great minds behind them.

Oxford: Oxford University Press. Shamos, Morris H., ed. Great experiments in physics: firsthand accounts from Galileo to Einstein (Republication ed.). New York: Dover Publications.External links., links to historic physics papers., collection at the.