Sony Portable Dvd Player Region Code Unlock

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Feb 13, 2018 08:40 am / Posted by Categories:Some Sony BDP-S5500 users feedback that they can’t play some DVD discs on Sony BDP-S5500 due to the DVD region code, for example: One Sony BDP-S5500 complain that the DVD’s are region 1. Sony BDP-S5500 can’t read it smothly, how to remove the DVD region code?

The region code for Blu-ray Discs is on the disc or located at the back of the disc case. Note: Some region-free discs may have no codes written on the disc or disc cover. Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs are region-free and can play on devices that supports Ultra HD Blu-ray, regardless of the region where they were purchased. Unlock your DVD player using a remote control unlock code. This service has been created to free players from region locks, added by manufacturers to control movie distribution. This is achieved by tapping simple DVD codes into your player using its remote control. Once the DVD sequence has been entered, your player.

One DVD ripper can remove the region code and provide you the perfect videos from the DVD. You also can take the chance and get better DVD experience on Sony BDP-S5500. You can remove the DVD region code 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Getting the digital DVD movies for keeping the DVD movie for longer timeKnow the DVD Region Codesix major region codes, below are the detailed geographical regions. Region Code AreaRegion CodeAreaRegion 1 (R1):U.S.A., U.S. Territories and Canada.Region 2 (R2):Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Egypt, South Africa, Greenland.Region 3 (R3):Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong.Region 4 (R4):Mexico, South and Central America, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, CaribbeanRegion 5 (R5):Russia, Eastern Europe, India, Africa (excluding South Africa), North Korea, MongoliaRegion 6 (R6):ChinaRemove DVD Ripper With Best DVD Ripperis the dream DVD ripper you are searching for which can save your DVDs and provide the best DVD experience on the Sony BDP-S5500. You can install this software on the Windows and Mac OS, this software even can support the Blu-ray disc, ISO image and fodler.

.As a Brit, I often want DVDs that I just can't find in the U.S. It's usually U.K. Comedy shows, most of which don't take off over here for some reason. And DVD regions used to be a problem for me. But not anymore. (See also: )As I'm sure you know, DVDs are coded to a region of the world.

Here's how it breaks down:REGION 1 — USA, CanadaREGION 2 — Japan, Europe, South Africa, Middle East, GreenlandREGION 3 — S.Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Parts of South East AsiaREGION 4 — Australia, New Zealand, Latin America (including Mexico)REGION 5 — Eastern Europe, Russia, India, AfricaREGION 6 — ChinaREGION 7 — Reserved for Unspecified Special UseREGION 8 — Reserved for Cruise Ships, Airlines, etc.REGION 0, 9, or REGION ALL — Discs are uncoded and can be played worldwideSo, here in the U.S., we're Region 1. In the U.K., discs are Region 2. Region 1 discs won't play in region 2 players, and vice versa. Or so I was told when I first moved here 6 years ago. But that's not true. Region coding can, in most cases, be removed from your DVD player using a simple remote-control code that unlocks the player. Why do we have region codes?I'm no expert on this, but I turn to a man who knows more than I do.

Had this to say about the subject.' Movies are released in theaters in different parts of the world at different times throughout the year. That Summer blockbuster in the U.S. May end up being the Christmas blockbuster overseas. If that occurs, the DVD version of the movie may be out in the U.S. While it is still showing in theaters overseas.In order to preserve the financial integrity of the theatrical distribution of a particular film, it is not possible (under normal conditions) to have a friend in the U.S.

Send a DVD copy of the film to the country where it is in theatrical release and be able to play the DVD on a player there.' So, in a word, money. However, since the massive surge of the Internet, and release dates in countries around the world coming closer and closer together, it's fairly ridiculous to have region coding.

In fact, many players are now code free. But, if yours isn't (and most aren't) you may be able to unlock it in a matter of seconds.right now. Enough do I unlock my player?The site I have used for the last few years is called, and they have a section of the site dedicated to. It's a simple search engine. Just take down the name and model number of your DVD player, and if a hack exists (there are thousands out there) then just print out the instructions, take your remote control and program your DVD player. And there you have it. You can now play disks from Japan, England, Australia, anywhere you want!

Here's the best part.You don't need an expensive player. In fact, the easiest players to unlock are at the cheaper end. I bought a Phillips DVD player (DVP642) for $40 from BestBuy a few years ago, unlocked it in 10 seconds and watched a bunch of British comedy the same day. Yesterday, I upgraded that player to a DVD player with HD capability for the impending HDTV we'll need to buy. I checked out VideoHelp for players on the BestBuy website that had a remote hack available and found this one:. It was $89.99 (on sale from $99.99) and then I used the following region hack:.

Power on. Open tray. Push the info on remote once (with supplied remote). You will see numbers. Press 9 for multi-region. Keep trying until you see the number 9 appear in upper left corner.

Power off. Power on.That was it. A nice new upconvert DVD player that plays any DVD, and it got a great rating on, too. All for less than $100 including tax.

Sony Portable Dvd Player Region Code Unlock

So, if you do have a DVD player that you'd like to convert, you can try it. The site does WARN that any action you take may invalidate the warranty, so try it at your own risk. All I can say is that I've never had a problem. Best of luck. Like this article? Attention PHLY95. Regarding using VLC Media Player to watch other Region Coded DVD's (and BluRay Discs) on your Computer.Yes, that's true, but you have to Change The Country Setting on your Computer to the Country/Region of the Video that you want to watch.

Then you have to change it back again to your Local Country/Region. You have to do this Every Time you want to watch a different Region Video. You can only Change It 4 Times after you have Initially set it to Your Local Country Location. Once it has been changed to the 5th Location Setting, it Stays There and You Cannot change it again: and if it is set on a Region other than Your Local Country, you can't change it back. I purchased the LC-516M in Korea and have succesfully set this to code free.

I purchase a number of DVDs at full price from the U.S. And thus see no issue with setting the DVD player to play multiple codes.1.

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Turn DVD player on without any disc in the tray. 'No Disc' should appear on the screen.2. Press 'Pause' using the remote. Nothing will come on to the screen at this stage.3. Using the remote press 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 94. The screen will now show a prompt for a new code 'Code -'5. Press '0' for universal code.6.

Press 'Pause' again.7. 'No Disc' should appear on the screen again meaning that you are all set to go.Enjoy! Hey just read on some site and same issue.just try it maybe it will help.Converting the player to Multi-Region:1. Power on the player with no disk in the drive.2. Wait for the 'No Disc' message to appear.3. Press Pause on the Remote.4. Enter 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 9 on the Remote (the word COdE or FF appears on the display).5.

Enter 0 on the Remote (0 = All Regions, 1 = Region 1, 2 = Region 2, etc.).6. Press Pause on the Remote.7. Power the player off, wait 30 seconds and then power back on.NB: If the above code fails to work then once the player has displayed the 'No disc' message press Stop before entering the above code.Checking Firmware version:1. Press Setup on the Remote.2.

Select TV Aspect.3. Place the cursor on 16:9 wide.4. Enter 1, 3, 9, 7, 1, 3, 9 on the Remote.5. Press Enter on the Remote.6.

Press Setup to clear the information once read. 1 user region code/hacks October 11, 2008 Post region code/hack commentRegion code hack posted by bezzez, October 11 2008:I know this work because i just tried it. It also works on the newer JVC models e.g. The XV-N370Bcheers1. OPEN TRAY (NO DISC DISPLAY ON PLAYER)2.


Sony Dvd Player Region Unlock


YOU DVD PLAYER IS NOW REGION FREE! I was successful in unlocking my Toshiba SD-K850SU using the following sequence (I think it will work for almost all toshibas):1. Press the Open button on your remote control to open the drive tray2. Press the 2 button on your remote control3. Press the 4 button on your remote control4.

Press the 0 button on your remote control5. Press the 3 button on your remote control6. Press the 9 button on your remote control7. Press the 6 button on your remote control8. Press the 0 button on your remote control9. Press the Enter button on your remote control to change the region to 1 for region 1, 2 for region 2, and so on, or 9 for multi-region playback10.

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Press the Open button on your remote control to close the drive tray11. Power off the DVD player12.

Power on the DVD player. Glad I found a forum that isn't 2 years old.I moved to Chile (Region 4), and brought all my USA bought movies(Region 1), with me. So I bought an inexpensive DVD player, but now only some of the movies can be played. The player is by Global home, yet I can not find ANY webpage or information on this brand. It is not listed on other websites that offer the codes, and I'm just really frustrated at this point. Not even the manual has any manufacturer info.

This DVD player has a USB port, which I figured would be great so that I can watch the movies in my laptop, yet I cant even get it to open them. The most information I can provide by looking at the actual player is; Model: DVD-0081, Serial No.: KW-67, Made in China.Any help and suggestions will be appreciated.Thanks.Solly. Does anyone know how to change the region on this English DVD. We are wanting to play DVD's from Australia, Region 4.ThanksEditor's note (3/4/09) - This is an anonymous tip we received about this DVD player today.

I found the 314159 solution above works for more than one LG version.Even one with no display - just go through the steps in sequential order.- Switch off ac mains- Switch on ac mains- Use remote control- Press power key (unit will come on)- Wait untill no disc appears- Press sequentially: Pause, 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 9,- 'code' will appear (or FF)- Press 0 (multizone)- Press sequentially Pause, Power- Unit will turn off (standby)- If you do not succeed first attempt, disconnect unit, and repreat steps. Recently found out and used the code to change my dvd from region 4 to region 9 allowing me to play several dvds sent by family from overseas for the first time. However, now I find I am unable to play any region 4 (new or old) whether on region 9 and I can't change the code back to 4. I have been following the instructions to the letter. A friend said I may have to change the dvd player back to factory defaults and start again, however, samsung cannot help me with this.

Can anyone suggest anything?Don't want to have to replave the dvd player and start over again.Cheers. I have spent most the evening now and the better half of yesterday trying to find the procedure for the Samsung DVD-VR375. My was born 2008.04, and I've used all the tips and ways that I think are out there, for this region 1 unit (29334). Some say open open DVD door, some don't mention it, some have you enter another code before your region code, others do not. Either way I cannot get it to work, some say you will see a flash of the code, but once I hit that menu button, that's all I see, and nothing else appears when I follow through with adding or pressing any more buttons.

Please, I'm hoping someone does have the procedure, because I'm getting near to the procedure of the 'sledge hammer and the check book'! Thanks in advance!