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Watch Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath - 26th March 2012 Life Ok Tv Drama. Admin Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Watch Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath - 26th March 2012 HD Quality. Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath On Life Ok. Watch Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath. Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath - 26th March 2012. Sun Tv Thangam Serial 2. Watch kana kaanum kalangal.

Opening sequenceAlso known asHum Ne Li Hai.ShapathGenreCreated byWritten byDr Nameeta sharmaDirected byStarringCountry of originIndiaOriginal language(s)No. Of seasons8No. Of episodes528ProductionProducer(s)Production location(s),Camera setupRunning timeApprox. 42 mins.Production company(s)ReleaseOriginal networkPicture formatOriginal release15 January 2012 ( 2012-01-15) –26 February 2017 ( 2017-02-26)External linksSuperCops vs Supervillains is an television series which aired on the channel. The show was produced by.Before the series was revamped on 24 December 2016, it was originally a detective anthology series about a group of police officers (called SuperCops) who were engaged in saving their city and its citizens from dangerous villains and fictitious creatures. The first series aired from 15 January 2012– 15 Dec, 2013 and was originally named Hum Ne Li Hai.Shapath which broadcast 250 episodes.

The show was then revamped on 21 December 2013, having renamed as 'SuperCops vs Supervillains' and entered the science fiction and supernatural genre. Since then, the popularity of the show increased until the show was called off-air in February 2017. Cast for 'Khoonkhar'. as SuperCop Jai. as Adonia, the Vampire Princess.

as SuperCop Shaina. as Veer, the Vampire Prince. as Khajoora, Werewolf king. as Lahuman. as Dhara, Angel. as Bichchuki (The Scorpion Woman).

as Raj Mata (Vampire Queen). as Vampire General. as Gogaan, a werewolfCast for the original series.

Shahab Khan as Various. as Dr. Yudhishtir / Professor Vichitra Vidyut. as Commander Jagatveer Rana.

Ashok Samarth as ACP Gajanan Mazgaonkar. as SuperCop Ranveer.

as SuperCop Jaywant Rane. as SuperCop Jogi Sikander. as Kavi. as Makrand. as Dr.Ajay (Vidyut – The Flash Man).: Various. as ACP Diler Kumar. as supercop Anurag Mirza.

as Brickman. as Mirror Man (Nick Sabarwal).

as Mastaan. as Sumit. as Dr. Dev.: Various. as Suhasini. as Mrs.Anjali Diler Kumar (ACP Diler Kumar's Wife). as Shiv (The Machine Man).

as Captain Kumar. as Kara (The Time Stopping Villain). as Danny. as Senior Inspector Samrat. as Dr. Samarth.

as Inspector Karunesh. as Sub-Inspector Chandan.: Various. as Bulbul.


as Damyanti (Aghor's Mistress) / Rani Zaffara / SuperCop Hetonwita. as ACP Jairaj. as Senior Inspector Gautam.

as Inspector Lara. as Koko. as Tina.

as Sub-Inspector Aditya. as Senior Inspector Kashish.

as Sheila. as Inspector Rajhans. as Trisha (Supervillain Tarot Card Reader)/ Tanzia (Centipede Queen).: Various. as Sushant Shrivastav (Fire Man)/Vicky (Zodiac Warrior Gemini)/Vinayak (Vini Pagla). as Sub-Inspector Param. as Shikha Yashvardhan.

as Sub-Inspector Aabha / Jaadugarni Jahnvi. as Advocate Tanisha. as Dr.

Vikram (Sand Man)/Dhir and Kalachakra (Dhir). as Sub-Inspector Anurag Mirza. as ACP Pratap Yashwantrao Teje. as Yashvardhan / Dakran (A Gangster and Jaywant's real father). as Kaal (The Melter Man) and Shamsher Hyderabad Kowaal.

as ACP Karanveer. as Mobo-Monster (The Mobile Villain). as Rangeela (The Painting People Aliver)/ James. as Megna (The Telekinetic Girl)/Vidhi/Neha. as SuperCop Mayank Desai.: Various.

as Comic Villain (Gong). as Senior Inspector Abhigyan. as Rustam (Pizza Shop Owner) / Dr.

Sunil. Puneet Vashist: Various. as DCP Kamalkant. as Dr.Danny (The Ice Man)/ Manu (The Romantic Assassin). as Varun Kashyap (Elastic Man). as ACP Digvijay.

as Billu (The Gas Man). as Sub-Inspector Sangram.: Various. as Senior Inspector Shaurya / RoboCop. as Dr.

Saloni. as Sub-Inspector Damini. as Jhumlat (The Dream Assassin)/ Vihaan (The Menacing Magician). as Nisha.: Various. as Miss Kitty / Sona / Pranali (A Healer). Trishna Mukherjee: Various.

as Professor Shekhar (Bird Man) / Kashmir Police Inspector Umar Wani.: Various. as Nonu. as Mirror Girl (Lamla Mota)/ Balwinder 'Babli' Kaur (Supercop's Forensic Expert).: Various. as Arjun. as Dr.Bedi (The Human Weapon Creator). as Jagan (The Fire-Fly Man).

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as Supercop Ashumu (Ashu). as Sub-Inspector Vikas / Namish (The Tantric Baba).: Various. as SameeraSee also Also watch on hotstarReferences.

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Shapath Serial Life Ok Episodes Online

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