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>bur 53000SR SERIES garage door opener (with RECEIVER 'SR' CODE BUTTON) has been factory set to operate with the LARGE push button on the transmitter. The 3-function transmitter(s) can also activate additional garage door openers and/or light controls • 53000 and/or 53000SR SERIES. Instructions are given. This Sears Craftsman 139.53859 compatible visor remote control made by Transmitter Solutions will work with any Sears Craftsman Billion Code Series Garage Door Openers that operate on the 390 Mhz frequecy. This includes Sears Craftsman operators made between 1993 and 1997 that have a GREEN learn button. The remote can control one garage door.

.SEARS OWNER'S MANUAL Model No. 139.53525SRT 139.53627SRT 139.53636SRT 139.53640SRT I:RRFTSMRNo 139.53641SRT 1/2 HP GARAGE DOOR OPENER For Residential Only. Safety Precautions Caution:. Assembly Read and follow. Installation safety rules and. Adjustment operating instructions before first use of this.Contents Page Contents Page A review of safety alert symbols. 2 Install the light and lens.19 You'll need tools.3 Attach emergency release rope and handle.19 Safety information regarding garage door locks Electrical requirememts.20 and ropes.You'll Need Tools During assembly, installation and adjustment of the opener, instructions will call for hand tools shown below.

Pencil Level Hack Saw Tape Measure Wire Cutters CIaw Hammer 3/16', 5/16' and 5/32' Dritt Bits Screwdriver StepIadder Adjustable End Wrench An unbalanced garage door might not reverse To avoid damage.Before you begin, survey your garage area to see whether any of the conditions below apply to your installation. FINISHED CEILING Support bracket & fastening hardware is required Horizontal and vertical reinforcement See page 17 is needed for lightweight garage doors Stack in Chain Tension (fiberglass, steet, aluminum.One-Piece Door without Track Before you begin, survey your garage area to FINISHED CEILING see whether any of the conditions below apply Support bracket & fastening to your installation, hardware is required. Slack in chain tension is normal when garage door is ctosed.Opener Carton inventory Your garage door opener is packaged in two cartons which contain all parts illustrated below. If anything is missing, carefully check the packing material.

Parts may be 'stuck' in the foam. Hardware for assembly and installation is shown on page 7. Models 53637, Modets 53824 (2), 53637 (2), 53635, &.Separate all hardware from the packages in the rail carton and the opener carton, shown below, for the assembly and installation procedures.

Assembly Hardware Washered Screw Hex Screw Carriage Bolts 5/16' - 18 x 1/2' (2) 5/16' - 18 x 7/8' (3) 5/16'.Assembly Section: Pages 8- 11 To avoid installation difficulties, do not run the garage door opener until instructed to do so. Make sure bolt necks Assembly Step 1 seated in the square holes and rails are Assemble the T=rail & Attach aligned before tighten.Hardware Shown Assembly Step 2 Actual Size Install the Trolley on the T-rail ©. Attach the threaded shaft to the trolley with the lock washer and nuts as shown.

Lock Washer 5/16' 5/16'-18 Lock Washer 5/16' Outer Nut Trolley Threaded Shaft Inner Nut.Assembly Step 4 Install the Chain/Cable & Serious injury can result if fingers become Attach the Sprocket Cover entangled in moving opener sprocket. Attach sprocket cover securely.

Never operate opener while your hand is near the opener sprocket. Dispensing Carton Opener Figure 2 Sprocket.Assembly Step 5 Tighten the Chain & Cable Lock Outer Nut Washer Inner Nut. Spin the inner nut and lock washer down the threaded shaft, away from the trolley. To tighten the chain, turn outer nut in the direction shown.Installation Section: Pages 12 - 27 Installation Step 1 Determine Header Bracket Location If the header bracket is not rigidly fastened Installation procedures vary according a structural support on the header wall or garage door types.

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Follow the instructions ceiling, the safety reverse system.Read the Safety instructions on page 12. They also apply to doors without tracks. Unfinished Header Wail Vertical Centeriine. Close the door and mark the inside vertical centerline of your garage door.

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Extend the line onto the header wall above door.You can attach the header bracket either to the Installation Step 2 wall above the garage door, or to the ceiling, Follow the instructions which will work best for Install the Header Bracket your particular requirements. Fasten the Header Bracket to the Wall.Installation Step 3 Attach the T-rail to the Header Bracket. Position the opener on the garage floor below the header bracket. Use packing material as a Header WalI protective base.

If the door spring is in the way you'll need help. Header Bracket Have someone hold the opener securely on a.Installation Step 4 Position the Opener Follow instructions which apply to your door type as illustrated. A 2x4 laid fiat is convenient for setting an ideal door-to-T-rail distance. Laid Fiat. Raise the opener onto a stepladder. You will need help at this point if the ladder is not taft enough.nstallation Step 5 Hang the Opener Two representative installations are shown.

Yours may be different. Hanging brackets should be angled, Figure 1, to provide rigid support. On Figure 1 finished ceilings, Figure 2, attach a sturdy metal bracket to structural supports before installing the opener.Installation Step 6 Install the Deluxe Lighted Console Wall Control Children operating or playing with a garage door opener can injure themselves or others. The garage door could close cause.

Strip 1/4' of insulation from one end of the bell serious injury or death.Installation Step 7 Install the Lights and the Lenses Install the lights:. Install a 75 watt maximum light bulb in each socket. The lights will turn ON and remain lit for 75WattMax approximately 4-1/2 minutes when power is Lens Light Bulb connected.Installation Step 9 Electrical Requirements To prevent electrocution or fire, installation and wiring must be in compliance with local electrical and building codes.

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To reduce the risk of electric shock, your garage Do NOT use an extension cord, 2-wire adapter, door opener has a grounding type plug with a third grounding pin.The Safety Reversing System Information you'll need before you begin the installation of the safety reversing sensor. The safety reversing sensor must be connected and aligned correctly before the garage door opener will move in the down direction.

This is a required safety device and cannot be disabled.Installation Step 10 install the Safety Reversing Sensor Figure 2 Figures 2 and 3 show assembly of brackets and Mounting Bracket 'C' wrap based on the recommended installation of With Square Holes the sensors as shown on page 21. 'C' Wrap However, Figures 4 and 5 are variations which may fit your installation requirements better. Insert t hewireconnector i ntoeach sensor a ndpushuntilyouheara Figure 6 Safety Sensor click,Figure 6.Thewhitetabonthe sensor s hould beflushwiththeback.