Hole Punched In Wa Drivers License

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Hole Punched In Wa Drivers LicenseDrivers

I have an expired license with a hole punched in it by the DMV to make it obvious that it is expired. No valuable information is affected by the hole punch. Still has my picture, date of birth, drivers ID, and everything else thats important on a drivers license. Then today the driver sent us a text and this time she said the car was her father's not her sister's. She also sent a copy of her red P S.A. License but it appears to have a hole punched in it. In Western Australia my father had a hole punched in his license when he handed it in due to his age (he was 90).

When checking identification, make sure that you accept only valid IDs that are acceptable by Washington State law. Please visit our page for the latest information on your important role in keeping alcohol out of the hands of minors and those who are apparently intoxicated. Please use this to print and post at your business.ID RequirementsIdentification MUST be valid (not expired) and show:.The bearer's date of birth,.The bearer's signature (except US Military ID – see below).A photograph of BearerTypes of Acceptable ID.Driver’s License, Instruction Permit, or I.D. Card issued by any U.S. Territory and District of Columbia.

Hole In Driver's License

Hole Punched In Wa Drivers License

Washington State Punched Driver License

Note:.Driver’s License, Instruction Permit, or I.D. Card issued by any Canadian Province.Valid Washington State Temporary Driver’s License.U.S. Armed Forces I.D.

Hole Punched In Wa Drivers License Renewal

Card (Encrypted signature acceptable).Merchant Marine I.D. Card issued by the U.S. Coast Guard.Official Passport, Passport Card, NEXUS Card.Washington State Tribal Enrollment Card (No expiration date required).