Cara Instal Driver Printer Di Windows 7

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Cara Memasang (Install) Printer Driver Canon Pixma iP1600 di Windows 7 Posted by Aisyah at 2:15 PM Pada postingan sebelumnya, saya sudah menceritakan pengalaman saya ketika menginstal printer driver Canon Pixma iP1600 dalam OS Windows 7.


Cara Install Driver Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 di Windows 7 32 ataupun 64 Bit.Driver Qualcom download dari, lalu installMiFlash 2016 64 bit dari untuk Windows 64 Bit, atau MiFlash terbaru dari untuk Windows 32 bit.

Printer Driver LocationsThe main locations for printer drivers for most Windows 7 users will be in one of two folders:C:WindowsSystem32DriverStoreFileRepository C:WindowsSystem32spoolDRIVERSx643The 'FileRepository' folder will have a number of subfolders, and finding the right one depends upon the kind of printer you've installed. For example, if it's a Hewlett-Packard printer, the folder will start with 'hp', while Canon typically starts with 'cn'.

Cara Instal Driver Printer

Cara Instal Driver Printer Di Windows 7

The 'x643' folder will simply include a number of.dll files for installed (or incompletely uninstalled) printers. Authorization/User Account PrivilegeWindows 7 implements User Account Controls, so you'll need to have the proper credentials to change the contents of certain folders - including nearly anything in the 'Windows' folder. If you're not already set up with Administrator privileges, you may have difficulty even viewing these files and folders, let alone changing them in any way. Try right-clicking on the Windows Explorer icon and selecting 'Run as Administrator' before navigating to the printer files in question.