Slow The Game Down Dr Bill Harrison

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Hitters try just about anything to improve vision Colorado Rockies' Nolan Areando follows the flight of his walkoff double to drive in two runs against the San Francisco Giants in the ninth inning.

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Today’s show is dedicated to the Godfather, you can call him the grandfatherof Vision Training, a great person, teacher, father, he was a master of hiscraft when people were afraid to delve into vision in baseball over 45 yearsago, the years of the Kansas City Baseball Academy, Dr. Bill Harrison whorecently passed away on May 4th after a long battle with cancer, that was asad day for all of us and he was a fighter.

He will never be forgotten andhis Son Ryan Harrison who has been with him for so many years will keep uphis legacy, Ryan will be on the show.Ryan Harrison, has a degree in Exercise Physiology from University ofCalifornia at Davis. Ryan has worked with Dr. Harrison on improvingathlete’s visual performance on the field since 1999. Through the years hehas worked hundreds of baseball stars including position players,; CarlosBeltran, Mike Sweeney, Sean Casey, Jose Guillen, Jonny Gomes, Adam Dunn,Angel Pagan, Giancarlo Stanton and Hunter Pence in the 2000’s, and RajaiDavis, Hunter Pence, Joe Panik, Matt Duffy, Conor Gillaspie, Ryan Goins,Kevin Pillar and Trevor Brown in recent years. He currently working 2012,2010 and 2014 World Champions San Francisco Giants. He previously hasworked with the Toronto Blue Jays 2011-2015 and Philadelphia Phillies2009-2012 as well as 9 other Professional Baseball Organizations over thelast 14 years.


Collegiately he has worked with the 2016 NCAA ChampionsCoastal Carolina, the 2012 NCAA Champions Arizona Wildcats, the 2013 NCAAChampions UCLA Bruins, as well as Oregon State, Wichita State, Kentucky, andLong Beach State. Ryan has worked with many Collegiate Softball programs,individual athletes in various sports such as MMA, Motocross, NHL, NFL, WTA,AVP, PGA. Following his work with top professional and amateur athletes,he conceived the idea of training necessary performance skills with digitaltechnology.

The STGD Athlete APP and SportsEyesite(tm) software is a resultof his goal to develop training products so that everyone could benefit at afraction of the cost of having this training and without the need to go to aspecialty clinic.Ryan Harrison of Slow the Game Down continues the most important discussionthe importance of vision training in baseball. Ryan has been on the showbefore but this topic is way too important to just discuss it a coupletimes.

Slow The Game Down Dr Bill Harrison

Ryan has been training athletes at all levels in all sports for over20 years, Olympic athletes, in Baseball he works with some of the topcolleges and teams in the major leagues.