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Air and Soul. The Shell in the Desert: Assigning Value. Summary of Shell Symbolism. Material to Spiritual: The Journey. Spiral Chambers. REMEDY INDEX. Acanthaster planci. Crown of Thorns Starfish. Anthopleura xanthogrammica Giant Green Sea. Soul of remedies by rajan sankaran Stories by David Foster Wallace pdf. Download Guided by the Moon: Trivia About The Soul of Remedies. Download Client-Side Data Storage: In the section on Sepia I soul of remedies by rajan sankaran to show how this “link” connects every aspect of the remedy.

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History, Classification, Evolution and Effective Methods of Learning and Teaching of Homeopathic Materia MedicaHistory:The Pre-History: –Dr. Hahnemann has accepted in his codex of homoeopathy Organon of Medicine, that it was Abrecht Von Haller (1708 – 77) who suggested that medicine should be proved on human beings and the symptoms thus obtained will form the basis of a real materia medica, useful in the treatment of human beings. Haller’s suggestions were to no use, probably it was not known to HAHNEMANN that in 1829 Johanes Evangalista Purkinje (1787 – 1869) of Bohemia, a renowned physiologist of Purkinje’s fibers fame experimented upon himself the action of camphor, belladonna, strammonium and turpentine.However it was Hahnemann who started this new line of materia medica by testing the drugs on himself, his friends and family members. He called this process by the name of Drug proving which literally means proving the (curative) properties lying in drugs.The History:-After coming across that remark of William Cullen about Cinchona bark which he was translating in 1790. Hahnemann tested drugs one after another and this process of drug proving became the basis of his ‘Materia Medica Pura’, the first part of which containing drugs was published 1811. In his Organon of medicine, he describes the process in detail in regard to selection of the provers, their mode of life, food, regimen and the recording of symptoms in Paragraphs 105-145.Dr.

Hahnemann called his materia medica MATERIA MEDICA PURA – because it contains the pure effects of the drugs as observed on healthy human beings of different ages and both the sexes. It did not contain any information collected from any other sources. After him many individuals, like Dr.

Hering and thus a vast, real vast materia medica for homoeopathy was created. Latter on symptoms other than found during proving were also incorporated.EVOLUTION OF MATERIA MEDICA1.

Dr Rajan Sankaran Homeopathy

Fragmenta de viribus (1805): Dr. Hahnemann has given pathogenesis of 27 drugs in this materia medica.2. Materia medica pura (1811 – 1821): In these books Dr. Hahnemann has recorded purely the proven symptoms of the drug, which are proved by Dr.

Hahnemann on himself, friends, disciples, colleagues and relatives. He recorded all these symptoms in a systematic manner and according to anatomical schematic representation. As the book contains pure proved symptoms of the drugs that is why the name of the book is Materia Medica Pura.Previously materi medica pura was published in six volumes (1811 – 1821) but for the sake of convenience now it is published in two volumes. The first volume was published in 1830 and the second in 1833.3. Chronic diseases (1828 – 1830)After the long practice of 30 years Dr. Hahnemann observed the obstacles to the way of treatment and recovery. He found the obstacle is in the dynamic level obstructing the path of cure.

He considered that something as the fundamental cause which played the highest role in the complication of disease.He classified this fundamental main cause behind the chronic diseases as Psora, syphilis and Sycosis. Thus, he discovered the doctrine of miasm as a concept and placed in his book chronic diseases.4. Proving by the austrian soceity (1842 – 1846)Members of the Austrian society ha started proving and reproving of the drugs as their own way and published these valuable provings in a journal published by Austrian society (1842 – 1846)5. Encyclopedia of pure materia medica (1874 – 1880)The provings done by Dr. Hahnemann were verified by Dr. He also added some new symptoms from poisoning and overdosing available in the prevalent literature in the post Hahnemannian era.6. The guiding symptoms of our materia mdica (1879 – 1891)Hering collected verifications and confirmations from all the reliable sources. He presented the world a voluminous book, containing only the verified symptoms through cure in the form of characteristics which he made from all available resources and this work of Dr. Hering is a great contribution in the evolution of materia medica.7. Cyclopedia of drug pathogensy (1886)In the year 1883 the British society has organized a meeting to revise and represent the existing material. The result of such conference was to recommend the formation of a “Cyclopedia of Drug Pathogensy” with following instructions,They have narrated all the provings stating the symptoms in the order of their occurrence.

The drugs were headed under scientific names, synonyms and natural order, experiments were done on lower animals, no drug that has not shown pathogenetic power in two or more persons, included the symptoms only coming from the proving of 12x potency.8. Dictionary of practical materia medica (1900)Dr. Clarke has arranged all the drugs in this book in the Hahnemannian schema. Each remedy is given in such a fashion that it may be at once distinguished and recognized from other medicines. He also included indications of some medicines according to nosological diagnosis.

He has tried his level to give the keynotes and predominating symptoms o the medicine.QuestionsQ.1. What is Materia Medica? Give sources of Materia Medica.

Give different types of Materia Medica?Ans. Homoeopathic Materia Medica is a compilation of various symptoms collected mainly from proving from healthy human beings and from other sources.The sources of homoeopathic materia medica.


Proving on healthy human beings. Proving on healthy animals. Clinical observation. Accidental source. Toxicological source. Chemical source.

Rajan Sankaran Books

Empirical source. Proving on plants. Doctrine of signature1. Proving on healthy human beings: We can obtain signs and symptoms of homoeopathic medicines by proving them on healthy human beings. This is the real and most scientific way of getting signs and symptoms of the medicine. By this way we can record the same in a systematic way. It is a very good source to build Materia Medica.2.Proving on healthy animals: By proving homoeopathic drugs on healthy animals we can get few objective symptoms upto some extent.

Soul Of Remedies By Rajan Sankaran Pdf Merger

By proving on lower animals we can also get the knowledge of the pathological changes occurring in the animal body. It is also a good source to build Materia Medica.3.Clinical observation: In practice after application of the medicine to the patient, we can observe some new symptoms produced by the medicine which have not been produced y the medicine while its proving. These are clinical symptoms and they also help in building the Materia Medica.4. Accidental source: Some medicines are prepared from substances whose curative action is discovered accidentally, e.g. Blatta Orientalis in asthma5.Toxicological source: Signs and symptoms produced due to the toxic effect of the drugs are obtained where unfortunately overdosing has occurred.

Rajan sankaran books

This may be helpful in understanding the action of the drug upto some extent.6. Chemical source: We can understand and get the knowledge of the signs and symptoms of the drug by the knowledge of chemistry. Physical and chemical properties. But as the human body itself is too big a chemical factory; the actual signs and symptoms produced by the drugs in the body may be different.

But by studying the chemistry of the drugs we can get some idea of its action on the body.7. Empirical source: It is traditional source. This can be observed from the general therapeutic study of the medicine. In olden days, the medicinal values of many medicines were known.8. Proving on plants: Some symptoms of the drugs can be studied by means of proving them on plants.

As homoeopathic drugs act well on the living beings like human beings and animals so as action on the plants is also marked. By doing experiments on the plants one can study the changes taking place on the morphological and histological planes. By this means one can get the idea of the pathological symptoms produced by the medicine.9. Doctrine of signature: It is the relation between the external physical properties of the drug substance and the signs and symptoms present in the patient. Doctrine of signature is one of the oldest and most important sources of Materia Medica. This is present in a few drugs and by studying it we can study the pathogenesis and symptomatology of those drugs to a certain extent.This can be observed from the general therapeutic study of that drug. Since olden days we know a few things regarding that drug i.e.