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Amiga Forever 2016 Plus Download Files support.Amiga Forever. C64 Forever is the official CBM 8-bit emulation, preservation and support series brought to you by Cloanto, Commodore/Amiga.

Would you like to relive or share your old gaming memories? Did you always want to own an Amiga computer to play some of the best games ever? Wouldn't you love to relive those golden years of gaming?

Well, with today's discount software promotion, Amiga Forever 2012 Plus Edition, you can!Amiga Forever 2012 Plus Edition gives you everything you need to run and play Amiga games on your PC, letting you take full advantage of downloads from publishers and Amiga history sites. With Amiga Forever 2012 Plus Edition, an awesome interface opens the door to true Amiga emulation in just a click, and pretty soon, you're up and running with over 100 included games, plus support for any Amiga titles and demos that you can download! In fact, the hardware emulation is so good, Amiga Forever 2012 Plus Edition even supports Amiga custom chips.If you're part of a community of Amiga lovers, you'll enjoy the ability to manually post status updates about your experience with Amiga Forever 2012 Plus Edition to Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and Windows Live Messenger. As a bonus, Amiga Forever 2012 Plus Edition also comes with a Workbench 3.X environment, plus an array of preinstalled Amiga applications that include a web browser, paint program, file sync apps, and more. After you purchase Amiga Forever 2012 Plus Edition it may be used indefinitely.

Amiga Forever 2012 Plus Edition is licensed per user, so if more people are going to use Amiga Forever 2012 Plus Edition you will need to purchase additional copies. Each license allows installation on 2 computers, and Amiga Forever 2012 Plus Edition may be used at exactly the same time on each of them. Transfer of a license to another owned computer is allowed. License activation isn't required. What's this?. This promotion can be used to upgrade or extend an existing license.

Upgrades to future versions of the software will be free for minor versions only. For versions after that, upgrades will require additional payment, which will be discounted by 30%. Support is provided for the lifetime of the product.

15 days return policy. Prices do not necessarily include taxes, which will vary by country. Review what others have to say. “The past IS the future. Amiga Forever is the single best way to run AmigaOS today.

Your PC is the fastest Amiga that will ever exist, and Cloanto does a wonderful job of packing the emulation technology, every AmigaOS ROM and Workbench version (most of which I've long since lost to data rot on my floppy collection), games, utilities, Web tools, graphics programs, most anything you would need, all in one place. While I still own an Amiga 3000, this is the usual way I have been running AmigaOS for some years now. It's cool to have the same AmigaOS environment, whether I'm hosting it under Windows or Linux. And there's nothing like Workbench on one of my hi-res LCD monitors. No 'FlickerFixer' necessary!” - Dave Haynie. “The craziest thing about Amiga Forever is that, in a surprisingly large number of cases, you can do things faster running Amiga software under the Amiga emulator running on Windows than you can running Windows software natively under Windows itself.” - Todd K. “This year's release of Amiga Forever is just amazing!

The new Amiga Forever Player is really well presented and runs perfectly, I love it. I didn't think this could get any better and I'm pleased I was wrong! I want to thank everybody on the Amiga Forever team for bringing us this fine release.” - Paul C. “What a fantastic compilation! Thanks so much to all who made it possible. It brought back memories of when computing was really fun. Worth much more than what I paid for it!” - David R.

“Thanks to you I was able to play this game and my two kids are absolutely thrilled to bits.” - Cynrick L. “The presentation is even more professional than ever and looks really great, surpassing your normal high standards! The new additions are fantastic. I didn't realize there was so much material surviving from the C= days.” - Robert W.

Catherine McClarey I've got the free trial version of this installed on my computer, but haven't really used it yet. My spouse & I owned an Amiga 500 back in the day, and at that time it was always mostly my spouse's gaming computer. However, I've since seen how gorgeous the Amiga versions of some of the games I used to play on the C64 & MS-DOS PC looked & sounded, and would love to try them via emulation sometime. (I'd be especially interested in the Amiga ports of SSI's 'Gold Box' series of games based on Dungeons & Dragons.). A a Looking at the news section of your website tends to show major upgrades are released yearly around July/August/Sept each year, which means a new major upgrade might be released in the next few months. As 2012 has been out for about 10 months, and a reasonably big update, 2012 R2, was released in April this year, is another major upgrade to 2013 planned in the next 6 months?I am interested but don't want to purchase for $10, only to have to pay a $20 (or 20 euros) upgrade fee in a few months.Also, does it include a C/C compiler in the bundled apps and, if so, which one?The BDJ policy tab states 'This promotion can be used to upgrade or extend an existing license.' How is this possible if upgrades are not time based?

Cloanto Thanks for your interest. No major upgrades are planned for the summer, as we are currently working more on the content side, which will benefit the current version too. More free updates to the current version are expected.does it include a C/C compiler in the bundled appsA C/C compiler is not included, but you can get some from Aminet ( or extend an existing license.' How is this possibleif upgrades are not time based?'

Upgrade or extend' is a generic BitsDuJour text. In our case it is 'upgrade', meaning that you can install this version over a previous version, and it will be upgraded. Should we ever switch to a time-base upgrade system, that will apply too. Cloanto @govertz, Stuart: Yes, Amiga CDs work fine. There are three preconfigured environments that support CDs out of the box (you can add more): Workbench 3.X with a professional Amiga CD file system, plus CDTV and CD32. You can even use DVDs, as long as they use the ISO file system.@Chris: I did a lookup by name and found only one support request, dated June 25, 2009, which was replied to. Maybe the reply ended in the spam folder?

You also had free updates to the 2010 and 2011 versions. The 2012 version introduces major new features (like Amiga Forever), including authoring (the ability to edit, copy, create configurations which are fully portable as RP9 packages).@Tore: (Win)UAE is great, but by itself it doesn't include the ROM and OS files;-).

Cloanto @Oliver: each title (for both games and demoscene productions) has copyright information in the Legal section of the documentation. These entities that are listed are the ones we worked with to obtain permissions. Same for the Amiga ROM and OS files, of which we are an official publisher.@Tom: at this moment there is no discount offer for C64 Forever, but you may want to consider it anyway as it's only $14.95 from sorry, there is no discount on the boxed version (Premium Edition, with three DVDs).Thanks again for your interest. This 24-hour BitsDuJour offer is really a quite unique and one-time special, aimed at making new Amiga friends. I don't think there will be anything like this again this year. Cloanto @Vault: this version is DRM-free, yes.

The license is for use on up to two systems. Internet is required only to (optionally) check for updates.@Rick: the upgrade to the Premium Edition with three DVDs would cost $40. Or you can get the Video Edition on Amazon, which has two DVDs (the first DVD with software and a new video is missing).@Watcher 1924: the download is instant, or you have several days to use the links in the email. Initially you have 10 downloads, which may be reset in case of need.

You can also use the 'gift' option (or different billing/destination) so that your friend's data is in the billing details, and your details are in the delivery information. Tortuga Hello:)I am tempted by this offer. But I am still a bit confused.@Cloanto: Tried to read everything on your site, followed the links, etc., but have several questions1) Still have not found a list of the games that come w the software2) I have several PCs/Laptops, some Dual-Boots, that are always on, which I use randomly depending what I'm doing or part of the house I'm at.It says it is licensed 'per user', but then it can only be installed on 2 computers.

If I'm the only user, why can I not install on all my machines?Many Thanks. Cloanto @Tortuga: a list of included games is here, and you can download more, for example from the sites listed previously:Installation and use on two computers used by you is fine. The Help menu has 'Register' and 'Unregister' options. If and how this is 'enforced' may vary over time, but the guarantee remains that you can use it on two systems.There is still more than 20 hours to go, so I hope you get a chance to enjoy this!@Watcher1924: The ecommerce provider also accepts prepaid/rechargeable debit cards like those you can buy in stores, maybe that could be an option? As for the future I don't know I am afraid. Cloanto Thanks so much, Gonzo!Amiga Forever Plus Edition contains more than 15 preconfigured different Amiga and Amiga-like systems (like AROS) that span more than 25 years of history, plus you can easily create your own. You can look at this also through different angles, like games, or demoscene productions, or the Gallery section.Just to add a new perspective to this thread, Amiga Forever also contains more than 100 of the best demoscene productions, ready to enjoy with one click:This is technology and art at its best!

Cloanto @Richard: there are more than 10thousand games for the Amiga, I am afraid it's not easy to include everyone's favorite. Cannon Fodder is not included, but you may want to check the sites listed previously in this thread.

I also took a note of your wish as we work to expand the catalog.@John: the EULA included with Amiga Forever specifically allows the use of the Amiga OS files for Classic Amiga support purposes.@Philip: the software can be run or installed from the media itself, or from the content copied anywhere else. So the answer is Yes both if you have a tool to mount ISO images without burning to DVD (e.g. See ), and if you extract the content to a folder (e.g. With WinRAR). Additionally, when you place the order you also get a link to the standalone installer.@Frank: thank you for your support! We added a free Plus Edition to all Value Edition orders that took place during this one-time promotion.

You should have received an email with the details.Thanks again for your interest, feedback and support. It helps us continue to work on this project. And please spread the word to your friends, that too helps a lot! Louis H Have enjoyed this software since the very first version.

Bought a 1000 when they first came out and up until a few years ago still had it. I gave it to a friend who who was into collecting versions of all personal computers. Still had thousands of disks of programs though. I did not need to get another license but it is one way to support Cloanto as they have continued to support and develop Amiga Forever. I only wish some of the idiots who were in charge of business decisions with Commodore way back when had not done things that sabotaged the Amiga from going on to be the true third option among today's personal computer market.

Still, The Amiga MADE Apple and Microsoft pay attention and make changes. Cloanto @Louis H, Paul Scout: thank you for your support and kind words, it's motivating to see how you are enjoying this!@Watcher1924: the nice thing of prepaid/debit cards is that they work like normal credit cards.

If on the card it says 'Visa' or 'MasterCard' select 'Visa/MasterCard/Eurocard', etc.@Non ansi: Amiga Forever supports all native Amiga modes, and some more (it has a fully licensed Picasso96 RTG subsystem). However, more than display formats the ones you mention are third-party hardware peripherals, right? If they were documented well, they could probably be emulated and preserved. Maybe, since you are interested, you could contact the former developers to see if they are willing to follow this path and release the technical details? Often things get done when a lot of people ask for them!Thanks again to all for your interest and support.

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Amiga Forever Plus Isosorbide Reviews

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Amiga forever plus isosorbide reviews

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