Best Paper Trimmer Card Making

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Table of Contents.Working in the office can be easy sometimes but when everything else and everyone becomes busy, things can go into chaos and disorder. I’m sure none of us would want to experience that but I know a few of you have experienced that already. I, for one, have often experienced this in way back in school when there are events piling up and the paper works are just crazy.

Cutting paper with the wrong tool can be a dangerous endeavor. Whether it is a photograph, a letter, a card, or just a simple sheet of paper – the right cutter will always make it easier and much safer at the end. The problem is, there are thousands of cutters out there, and not all of them will provide what you need. Luckily for you, we know exactly what makes a trimmer or cutter right for. Swingline Paper Trimmer, 18 Inch Guillotine Paper Cutter, 15 Sheet Capacity, ClassicCut Ingento. The Swingline ClassicCut Ingento is made with solid maple and beautiful in every way, you’ll want to use this as a cheese board or to present all your fancy charcuterie when the guys are over. Swingline Paper Trimmer – Guillotine Paper Cutter. Get it now on A paper trimmer machine that comes in handy when one needs to cut through a lot of paper. This is an excellent trimmer with a unique design. Equipped with a very sharp guillotine blade, cutting is as easy as cutting through the cake.

Writing, cutting, putting papers into order- whatever kind of work it is, when we get reminded of it, it just gives us a headache.Have you ever tried making certificates? Designing them can be so much fun and enjoying but when there’s a need to adjust its size, things can get very tricky. Some of us are not exactly good with making straight cuts and lines while others are just extremely bad at it, like me. For lots of times, I have struggled so hard in making a clean cut because something that is to be presented in a formal occasion requires keen and neat detail.

Otherwise, people would think that you are inefficient. Who would ever want to be seen that way, right?If you have been looking for additional office or school supplies that would definitely help you in doing things faster and better, a paper trimmer is a good option. This one would not just help you do things with ease but also faster.

It’s not just about the efficiency but also about saving. Have you ever had that moment where you’ve wasted so much paper just because of a screwed up cut or a dirty line? I know this has been a common problem.So, as to avoid wasting your time, effort, and paper supplies; getting a paper trimmer would be your best solution. Whether you are planning on using it for the sole purpose of trimming perfect lines or cuts of papers, or maybe something more for a multi purpose reason, I assure you that you won’t regret checking on this list. Are you designing a special card, a coupon, flyers, or perhaps photos? Here are the best paper trimmers that you can opt from. Swingline ClassicCut Lite 9312 Paper TrimmerThis paper trimmer measures 14 inches by 17.6 inches by 2.6 inches.

With its ideal size, you can cut papers with 12 inches in size and even up to 10 sheets at once. You don’t have to worry about doing it one by one anymore and no time would be wasted because in a pact, you can do the cut by batch, one after another.It has a sturdy and durable plastic construction which makes it very light and easy to carry around.


You can bring it with you in different parts of the office or maybe even within different departments of the company building if ever they need it. For precision, it has a wonderful grid where you can conveniently align your papers perfectly. An addition to that is the dual scale ruler for more precision when measuring.The guillotine style of this trimmer might frighten you a bit just because of the name but I can assure you that this one has got its own safety measures. It has a protective guard rail and a blade latch hook so you can lock the blade down for storage. You can avoid accidents by keeping it locked when it is not being used. There’s nothing else that you would look for. Fiskars Scrapbooking Trimmer 1Of course, paper trimmers are not just used for office or school purposes.

If you’d like to have one for your personal use, then this one might just be perfect for you. It comes with a cute and maybe a bit girly design- patterns of flowers on top of the grid without hindering the measuring lines. This trimmer is just a nice match for your scrap booking needs.It has a cutter which is almost designed like a swinging arm. It measure 15 1/4 inches which is a bit big compared with the usual trimmers. It i not easier for you to cut bigger pieces of paper or maybe even thicker ones. The scrapbook pages that you’d like to crop will no longer cause you the use of much effort as long as you have this. Its complete dimension is 1.3 by 9 by 16.2 inches and it weighs 1.2 pounds, making it big but light so there won’t be a problem carrying it around.

It is indeed portable.The surface is made of aluminum and the blade is designed in a straight cut which has ruler lines for easier measuring purposes. The lines and guides printed on the surface can also be easily and clearly seen so your accurate cutting becomes easy, clean, and steady. If you’re looking for a trimmer that goes beyond the usual, this one is highly recommended. Fiskars Recycled Bypass Trimmer 01-005452Are you a bit conscious when it comes to the material that your belongings are made of? Are you looking for something that is made of recycled material? This paper trimmer will surely live up to that! Its trimmer base is made of 100% recycled post consumer resin and just because it is recycled that doesn’t mean that the quality of this item is lesser.


Actually, there is so much more to this that what we could expect.This trimmer is not just good for the thin and the usual paper sheets but it is also good for heavier materials. Examples of the other materials that you can trim using this item are fliers, handouts, invitations, etc. It can cut up to 10 sheets of 20 pounds copy paper! Isn’t that amazing?If that doesn’t sweep you off that much, I would like to add that this trimmer has self sharpening blades. Yep, you read that right: self sharpening blades.Who would have though that it’s possible? This trimmer doesn’t require any form of replacement of maintenance at all.

It’s as if it’s a living thing that takes care of itself and keep the blades sharp just to fully serve its purpose. It measures 14.1 x 20.1 x 2.6 inches and weighs 50.4 pounds. Fiskars SureCut Trimmer 01-005454Just like the former, this trimmer is recycled but there is always something that we discover up on its sleeve. The blade is made up of one hundred percent recycled post consumer resin and the total of it is eighty percent recycled.

The blade is also coated in titanium carbide which is known as an extremely hard refractory ceramic material. This makes sure that this trimmer has an extra cutting capacity that it can cut up to 7 sheets of 20 pounds’ copy paper.The swing out design of the blade extends up to 14.25 inches that enables you to cut bigger than usual sizes of sheets. Whether you are going to crop office papers, certificates, coupons, and even photos, this item is absolutely effective.So, why is it called surecut? Here’s the great deal.

This trimmer has a cut line indicator that show you exactly where the blade will cut for the ultimate perfect straight line trim. The blade interlocks with the cutting rail for a clean and straight trims- giving you a better grip while doing the job. Fiskars Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer 1If you’re like me, a surecut feature is something that you would never say no to and this one has a surecut design with it. Unlike the others, this one seems even way lighter with a weight of 1.3 pounds. It measures 10.2 by 1.5 by 18 inches which probably tells us that you can easily carry and move it around with ease.It comes in a very friendly and a very neat color of white with orange corner accents. It even includes a faint touch of designed pattern of leaves on its surface. Isn’t that cute?

It has a wide base for cutting, specifically measuring 6 1/4 inches, which gets you even more creative and productive in trimming those special cards, papers, and photos.This trimmer has an additional TripleTrack System feature that locks the blade and the rail so that every cut is perfectly still and straight. You will never worry about the slightest curves and wobbles anymore. The blade has clear ruling measurements and the surface includes cut lines too that would make your crops accurate. This is a paper trimmer that you can use personally for scrap books and crafts, or in the office, or maybe even for sewing! ConclusionNow it won’t be difficult for you too choose the perfect trimmer. If you do a lot of things aside from paper cutting like scrap booking or special crafts of cards, maybe invitations, flyers and more; a multipurpose and wider and bigger sized paper trimmer is more ideal for you. Other than that, it would be great to consider the purpose of an item if it is going to be used in the office alone.

Just a friendly reminder, it is always good to remember or check the details of an item about its material composition, size, weight, durability, capacity, and maybe even the price!

Best Paper Trimmer Card Making

. Most of these trimmers are lightweight and portable.

Fancy cutting blades may be available to give fancy edges to your paper. Scoring blade option may be available depending on the brand. It is possible to cut a slit in the middle of your paper and to even cut out a window on your paper. Generally cheaper compared to the branded guillotine cutters. Precise placement of the cutting line possible and many have markings on the right side of the cutting blade as well as on the casing of the blade through which the blade slides.

Best Paper For Card Making

As of the date of writing this post I have read a lot of negative reviews about the locking mechanism of the Martha Stewart guillotine cutter with crafters complaining how difficult it was to use.The locking mechanism of my large 21 x 16 inch Deli malfunctioned and the cutter stays in the open position with blades exposed! And yes it is a rather undesirable and admittedly dangerous situation!!!Deli cutterThe Tonic 12 x 12 maxi cutter on the other hand has a perfect lever mechanism.there is no lock to fiddle with and the blades stay closed easily.

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