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Song links:Hello everyone! Welcome back to Song of the Week! This week, I choose one of my favorite songs off of ATBAB, Honey and the Bee. Personally, this is my favorite duet that Adam has ever done, with Breanne and Adam's voices just matching perfectly with the lyrics. Lyrically, this song is just so full of hidden puns and jokes, with lines like 'I would make a tree and leave', and 'there are a lot of vegetables out there, that crop up for air' adding a bit of a cheesy yet funny element to the song. In addition to the lyrics, I absolutely am in love with the acoustic guitar, I wish there was like an 'acoustic guitar-only' version of the song, because I love that melody so much.

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Aside from the amazing acoustic guitar, the backing track in Honey and the Bee also contains excellent booming rock drums, beautiful strings, and an electric guitar line during the chorus and bridge. Honestly, even though this song could be considered 'simple', I just am absolutely in love with how well all the little instrumental tracks and parts of the song sum up to create the full track.Now, what do you think of Honey and the Bee? Should Adam do another duet with Breanne? I personally think so!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!:). Definitely love this song!

Honey and the bee owl city

I heard somebody mention awhile back that this is a slightly more mature The Bird and The Worm, and I'd have to agree. I love the acoustics in this song, and to be honest I would love to sing a duet of this song with my one-day-wife.

Owl City

I do love the puns too!Two lines have stuck with me from this song, and for that I'm thankful. The lesser of the two is 'I swear, there's a lot of vegetables out there that crop up for air. And yet I never thought we were two peas in a pod, until you suddenly bloomed and I knew that I'd always love you.'

I love the thought of how guys really 'compete' for a woman and yet by the Lord's Will we either are 'chosen' by them, or not. Maybe that makes more sense in my head, haha!The second one is more personal, but really a big blessing at the time. Last Summer (nearly a year ago) me and the only girl who I've really ever loved (with reciprocating feelings) parted ways. I was sad when I was driving home from work one day, and this song came on.

That opening line, 'Don't remind me, that some days I'm the windshield, and other days I'm just a lucky bug.' , just made me teary eyed because I could so deeply relate. That whole Summer, I felt like a lucky bug, but at that moment I was the windshield hitting everything.


It just comforted me so much to hear that line, and praise the Lord He sent me that song at that moment.But yeah, I adore this song! I wanted to have this song be my first dance with my wife, but I think If My Heart Was A House is my new choice! Nonetheless, a beautiful song!!!!Oh, and one more thing: I'm pretty sure Adam wrote this song with a duet between him and Taylor Swift in mind. Someone correct me if that's incorrect!. The most beautiful guitar intro ever.Also, this song is quintessential Adam.

Download Video Owl City Honey And The Bee Lyrics

I feel like it’s really from his heart and soul. I see it as the most personal song on ATBAB more and more as the years go by, and that’s because I’ve noticed that Adam seems to increasingly love acoustic instruments as he gets older and becomes more genuine. Honey and the Bee has all the elements of that part of his sound.It’s hard to explain, but I feel like the acoustic stuff is Adam’s actual sound, and the synth stuff is just a result of him starting out on a computer. So really, he was a guitar guy all along.