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What is?A genre of science fiction and a lawless subculture in an oppressive society dominated by computer technology and big corporations. Hmmm.It feels like the world we live in today.Guidelines.Personal attacks, name calling, bigotry and extreme negativity are subject to removal and or banning, If you spot this use the report button or mod message to alert moderators.If it's cyberpunk, you can post it, no matter the year or the style of the content, city pics, political articles, social discussions, latest novels, you name it, you can post it, if it's NSFW tag it and if it has gore use NSFL on the title.Credit the artist. It has cyberpunk at it's heart! A lot of it is all about cybernetics and lives in an enhanced world. A corporation known as Genom rules. Pretty much the world, after an earthquake hit Japan and their line of artificial persons helped recover from it.

There is some suggestion that they caused the quake themselves to rise to power.In this universe, there is:. A prequel 3-part movie called AD Police. An 8-episode anime, the original Bubblegum Crisis. A 3-part movie sequel called Bubblegum Crash.

A larger episode re-imagining known as Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040There was an old roleplay game of this, for which 3 source books were released, covering the above materials AND showing off some old concept art with rules.Totally worth a look into. I've looked, there isn't. There's a few graphic novels in the universe - once again a Prequel one called AD Police, features the characters from the 3-part OVA/movie. It's pretty cool. I dare say, having watched all this crap, read that one, seen part of the bubblegum crisis comic and having the 3 PDF copies of the roleplay books that we here know more about the subject matter than has ever been put onto a website about the subject, at least in English.

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Bubblegum Crisis Rpg Pdf Sales

And sadly I don't know Japanese to find more out.

Bubblegum Crisis Rpg Pdf SaleBubblegum crisis 2033

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0 The Big List of Assorted NPCs For The Star Wars Saga Edition RPG By Jonathan “Donovan Morningfire” Stevens Version 1.Version 1.2222 Table of Contents.