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Download Daxter Android PSP Game on your android devices (mobile & tablets). After years of standing in Jak's shadow, Daxter finally gets his turn inthe spotlight as he stars in his very own self-titled game. As the first title developed by Santa Ana-based Ready At Dawn Studios, Daxter pushes the popular Jak and Daxter world in new directions through the eyes of Daxter as it completes the Jak and Daxter story and allow players to find out how Daxter became a hero, freeing Jak at the beginning of Jak II.

Daxter Psp Game Download

Daxter, on his own in an unfamiliar place, realizes that being small and furry won't help his chances of survival or saving Jak, so he takes on a job as a pest exterminator - a job in high demand due to a mysterious metalbug invasion. His new job enables him to explore parts of Haven City in an effort to collect the clues that will lead him to Jak. But Daxter soon discovers more excitement than he bargained for.Gameplay: Due to his new job, Daxter is now equipped with an electronic bug-swatter, which acts as his melee weapon, and an extermination tank, which sprays bug spray (which many have been confused with Green Eco) to stun enemies. The tank eventually receives several modifications (which can be activated by pressing the left and right directional buttons), including doubling as a type of jet-pack that allows Daxter to fly, flamethrower capabilities, and an ultrasonic attachment.

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Daxter Psp Game Torrent Download

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