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Space Station Pro/DESKTOP Design Files (zip, 245 KB) Gravity Toroid Tutorial (pdf, 1.1 MB) Shuttle Assembly Pro/DESKTOP Design Files (zip, 8.2 MB) Space Exploration Pro/DESKTOP Design Files (pdf, 4.3 MB) Pro/DESKTOP V6 Materials. Pro/DESKTOP Course Notes (pdf, 2.7 MB) Pro/DESKTOP Reference Guide (pdf, 537 KB) PDF Version of Slide Show (pdf, 2.8 MB). Windows › General › PTC ProDESKTOP 2000i2 › Download. Keep your desktop organized and clean. Printer Pro Desktop. Print to any printer connected to your Mac/PC using Printer Pro app. Efficient Sticky Notes Pro. Turn your physical Post-it notes into digital sticky notes.

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Prodesktop 2000i Pro Desktop 2000i2017

Pro/DesktopLearn Pro-desktopCheck out the online tutorials and learnpro-desktop. Note: You will need adobe acrobatreader (its free!).Prodesktop.netMore tutorial and information from the Prodesktopactive user community.Whatis Pro/desktop?Pro/DESKTOP is a 3D modelling toolfor designers and students. Pro/DESKTOP is usedby designers and engineers to model products inthree dimensions. Create designs in an easy andflexible manner. Pro/DESKTOP allows engineers,designers and students to explore fully theirproduct ideas. When you become used to the 3Dmodelling, and you need to do more with Pro/DESKTOPyou can move onto Pro/ENGINEER. Pro/ENGINEER isthe big brother of Pro/DESKTOP and is used inindustry for 3D CAD design.What does Pro/desktop do?Pro/DESKTOP is easy to learnand use user interface.

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You can draw and createa 3D model of your product this is called solidmodelling (Note: you can also sketch in 2D). Onceyour model is drawn you can render it using photo-realisticrendering options. Rendering is when image aremapped to the 3D models surface to give it texture.What do the final images look like I here yousay well take a look for yourself at the ptc pupildesign gallery:-What do the toolsdo?Take a look at the screenshots below to get anoverview of some of the basic tools. Rememberif you don’t know what a tool is rolloverit and a small tag will appear saying what thetool does!Tools screen 1Tools screen 2Tools screen 3What next?: Try the spatulatutorialsMr DT says 'Readthe text above and then answer these questionsbelow'. Write your answers on a sheet of paper,dont forget to write your name on the sheet!:-1). What is Pro/DESKTOP?2). What is Pro/DESKTOP used to do?3).

Prodesktop 2000i Pro Desktop 2000i2

Pro Desktop 2000i Pro Desktop 2000i2 Download

What is rendering?4). If you need to do more with Pro/DESKTOPwhat tool would you move on to?Copyright 2007 Mr K.Cooper.