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General Tips. The hardest character to obtain (since he’s always busy at the hospital) so if it’s your first time playing Remember me – I don’t recommend aiming for him. If you’re up for a challenge and you’re experienced at Visual Novels, then go on ahead. It’s possible, since I got Eddy’s Special Ending on my first play through of Remember Me (on easy mode). He’s a Doctor, so it would make sense that you’ll see him at the Hospital most of the time. His associated stat is discipline. Save up $100 to purchase the gym and pool access, to raise discipline.

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It goes for around a month, so I recommend buying it at the beginning of July/August – to make the most of the month, and the management of time. Do either swimming or exercise once a day. Jogging (park) and Updating your Blog at the library also raise discipline if you’re short on money. Attending the Writing Course ($30) every weekend RAISES ALL STATS, and helps a lot towards the end of the game. This is a necessity for hard difficulty mode. After you view the event where Eddy invites you to his home for dinner – you will be able to visit his house during the evenings.


This overcomes the initial difficulty of only being able to see him at the hospital on weekdays. Purchase Sporty Shoes ($129) and Classical Music ($99). This helps a lot in the success rate of activities involving physical exercises and writing – so I recommend saving up to buy these.

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Always Remember I Love You

In the long run, it makes raising stats a whole lot easier.

Dec 31, 2012 - 4 min - Uploaded by xoxloveroseI DO NOT OWN THE SONG OR THE GAME!! BY FAN FOR FANS!!!! Song: Remember me. No,, u must have a persistent,,,,, Here, Download again, just 44MB:'> How to install it: 1) Run 'ARMDemo.exe' to install it. (Or whatever the filename is, just install it regularly). 2) Run the game, until it loads up to the main menu, then click 'Quit'. 3) Open the 'Key'.