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1.If you have recently purchased a vehicle through a dealership or a private seller, you will need to apply for a car registration. All vehicles in your possession must be registered in your name to be driven legally in your state. You cannot typically apply for a new vehicle registration online or by mail.

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You must visit a DMV office in person to register a car. To make sure that you are fully prepared for the process, download our informative digital guide.

Our guide contains everything you need to know to register your vehicle with ease. You will also learn how to replace or renew your car registration, and how to change your name or address. By MailSome states allow residents to register cars by mail. However, these applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements, such as temporarily residing out of state or having purchased the vehicle out of state. To obtain your new car registration by mail, you will need to send your completed application and all necessary documents (such as proof of ID, a bill of sale, an insurance card, etc.) to your local DMV office.

You will also need to send in a check or money order for the full payment amount. Due to mailing and processing times, delays are common with the mail-in application method.

It may take several weeks for you to receive your new car registration. In Person at a DMV OfficeIn most instances, you will be required to get your car registration in person at a local DMV office. You must submit a filled-out application, proof of your identity, evidence of the car purchase and proof of auto insurance coverage for the vehicle. Additionally, you need to provide payment for all applicable fees, such as registration fees, titling fees and state taxes. Because many car owners are not sure which forms are required or which fees must be paid, application delays are common at the DMV. Additionally, any mistakes on DMV forms will add to your potential wait time for receiving your new registration.Obtaining a vehicle registration in Georgia is a procedure that can be completed through the Department of Revenue (DOR). In order to obtain a DMV registration, car owners will be required to submit the necessary paperwork and pay for the applicable fees through a nearby county tag office.

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Motorists will also have to during the same office visit, provided their motor vehicle is not exempted from the state’s titling laws.To complete the process of registering a car in GA, applicants will be required to follow several steps, which may vary to a certain degree depending on factors such as their residency status and the type of vehicle they own. Consequently, the applicable requirements may also slightly vary. Note that certain vehicles are exempted from the car registration and/or title requirements. Learn more about the registration procedure by reading the following sections.

Georgia Car Registration RequirementsIn order to successfully obtain a Georgia car registration, vehicle owners will be required to meet the full set of applicable requirements. Registering a Vehicle in GeorgiaTo complete the process of registering a vehicle in Georgia, car owners will be required to submit the applicable paperwork and pay the licensing fees. Note that both existing residents and new state residents will be able to get vehicle registration documents in person. However, application steps may vary slightly depending on factors such as whether the vehicle is exempted from the state titling requirements. How to Register a New Car in GeorgiaIf you are wondering how to register a car in Georgia after purchasing a new vehicle from a state dealership, note that dealers are authorized to issue you temporary registration permits and to apply for a title on your behalf. However, you will still be required to pay the car registration fees and obtain a new registration certificate yourself. After purchasing a vehicle from a dealership, you will be required to follow these steps in most cases:.

Obtain the temporary tags offered to you by the dealership. Overall, these temporary operating permits issued by state dealers will be valid for 30 consecutive days. Visit a nearby county tag office to submit your GA vehicle registration request.

Surrender your dealer-issued tag and present a valid document proving your identity. Pay the applicable licensing fees.Note: If the dealership fails to apply for a vehicle title in your name on time, you can apply for a 30-day extension of your temporary tag with the “Application to Extend the Registration Period of a Motor Vehicle Purchased from a Georgia Motor Vehicle Dealer” form. Registering a Used Car in GeorgiaTo successfully get your vehicle registration in Georgia for a used motor vehicle, you will be required to complete additional application steps, which may vary depending on whether or not a title for your vehicle is required.

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Authentic Georgia License Plates For Sale Real, Old License Plates from GeorgiaGeorgia first started issuing license plates in 1910.