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Freddie Wong May 18, 2012 I am Freddie Wong. I make YouTube videos.

AMA!Hey folks! Some proof -I am Freddie Wong, a creator of weekly YouTube videos and self-described C-list internet celebrity. Together with my friend Brandon Laatsch, we run the 5th most subscribed YouTube channel at, and our videos average approximately 5,000,000 views each.We just put out two episodes of a feature-length webseries we've been working on entitled Video Game High School. You can watch the first episode here:The 2nd episode is already up on our new siteAsk me anything!And on a personal note, I hate AMAs where the guy comes in and answers like 15 questions and peaces out. I will personally answer EVERY question I get, and if I DON'T, then there's probably a very good reason why I'm not answering that question publicly. In the interest of time, if I see your question has already been answered, I'll skip it - take a look before you ask!Fire away! Also if you see something from BrandonJLA, he's Brandon Laatsch, the co-creator of the YouTube channel.(looking now 'Every question I get' was pretty ambitious.

Still cranking away though!)I loved your video where you went back in time to tell young Freddie about the horrors of current gaming. I thought the kid playing you did a great job. Did you know him prior to the video, or did you have some sort of 'Freddie auditions?'

Just having a computer growing up and messing around with videos and old vacation footage. Check out 'In the Blink of an Eye' by Murch if you haven't alreadyLove your stuff man!The post-credit teaser after Captain America showed Agent Coulson beating up two convenience store robbers while unable to choose between two products. It seemed very very similar to your skit, Cereal Killer. Which came first? Did they rip you off?See the resemblance? Despite their massive special effects budget, your skit looked much better.Also, what was the song you were listening to in Cereal Killer? I rarely hear that actually.

To me doing what I love is not wasting time - it's spending my life in a way that actually makes me happy in a meaningful way.How is the film major at USC? Is is more artsy and hands-on like a regular art school or more theoretical?

Adobe Cs6 Crack Torrent

I want to work in the entertainment/gaming industry later on when I graduate from art school (storyboards and whatnot, woot!)And finally, you seem to always be a huge fountain of ideas, how and where do you get your inspiration?:)Thanks, and btw, all your vids have made me and my friends laugh a lot and I would love to be an extra in one of your vids. Occasionally - we love getting out of LA. We just did a bunch of travel in Utah and shot some stuff with Devin SupertrampFreddie, I was an art major in college, and graduated with a Bachelors in Studio Art, which has turned out to be semi useless. I can't find work in computer art anywhere.

I barely got an unpaid internship recently, but I have to work full time so I can't do both. Any idea where a good place to start is? I am not against taking out a loan and going back to school. Thanks in advance-A big fan. Hahahahaha I'll ask himLook, Freddie and Brandon, I love you guys.I've been following you for years and well, it's pretty obvious to some there's been a decline.Of course I don't mean in skill or popularity, those have both been continually increasing, but I digress.You guys MUST be aware of the content change that's been happening since your major spike in popularity. Sure the huge amount of money has meant you can buy better equipment and use proper locations but I can't help but miss the days of stuff like Beach Justice, Future Rock Band and Near-Death Experience.You know, the days before every second video was a first-person or some mainstream garbage-based video.I've just been wondering if you've even been aware of the mainstream approach you've been taking to your videos and channel or if it's all been gradual in your collective sub conscience.Additionally I'd love to know if you're going to be making any more videos like the good ol' days.

Maybe some more work with Sam and Niko (I mean on-screen as well as FX of course).P.S. VGHS is a good concept, but I still don't understand why it isn't a movie. Also the Razer promoting is a tad over the top.inb4 downvotes purely because I may have a more unique opinion. I've found if you're easy to get along with and technically competent it's easy to get a job. A lot of spergy or straight up crappy people out here.Hey Freddie, I just wanted to say your videos are awesome and all the other praises you've been getting from everybody. But +1 so my praise is best. Anyways, do you guys think you might do some more contests, or even just events, where you have us call you with a specific template for what we have to say?

I remember seeing the video awhile back, and I still laugh at it as hard as I did the first time. All the resources you need are online. Start with Video Copilot. Take some FX PhD courses.Freddie, Brandon I simply wanted to thank you for all you've done for us (the viewers).

I, and many other people I know, are inspired greatly by your weekly videos and from your lessons. We strive to become the best we can possibly be- especially after seeing how much fun it can be. It's exciting to witness you guys grow in popularity in the last couple years, and taking the next big step with the VGHS Webseries.Thank you.Oh and p.s. Freddie, I was placed in your old dorm room in the cinema level at USC. Drop by sometime.I'd love to take you guys out to lunch and just chat.

There's a lot - I'm thinking of adding a blog section on where I discuss it all. Everything from our ideas with thumbnails to tags to release timing. All things people don't usually think about.I have to say I am loving the series so far.Cringed at the Cool Hat kid bit, but other than that it is all goldOne minor request, there does not seem to be an exposition character. The VGHSniverse is pretty damn cool and has a lot of unique elements. An exposition character would help flush out the world a bit.

It doesnt even need to be in the main episodes, but a sub vlog by a side character would be excellent.Basically, I want more.Also, you are awesomealso, also, there is a. I like driving a lot plus probably should get out of the cities. Firetruck. Take it up the LA river (no traffic) into the desert and wait it out. Got a LOT of water, and any zombies will have the desert to contend with.I love your videos.There's already like 3k comments so I'll just leave this as a 'I love you' post.I'm subscribed to your channel, and I think you are a landmark of YouTube and the internet, a display of what is possible when a few people with a lot of imagination, skill, or time can achieve. 50 down 10 upHey, so i am a sophomore in high school and am thinking about college. I really enjoy writing fiction and am currently working on a book that'll hopefully get published.

But my question is this: I am wondering if it is a good idea to #1 go to college for screenwriting and minor in cinematography or #2 go to college for english literature? I also want to get into computer science and robotics as well, but don't know how to include it into my my college opportunities? So i would really like to know your opinion. Only videos where we are screwing around for future posterity's sake.

My friend Kevin, who edited the Pearl Jam documentary once told me 'Record everything. You will not regret it.' And I took it to heart.I'm 12 years old and started doing visual effects a year and a half ago. I was just watching harry potter and wondered how they do there effects so I searched it on youtube. After a while I came across you and was like 'Holy freakin Balls!

That was awesome! So i watched your muzzle flash tutorial and got after effects. At first all I did was action scenes and then I started getting more storyline based and in depth. All I have to say is you are my inspiration and I would have never started making movies and doing what I love without your videos.

Please respond, just say something that would make my day!!!!!!!!!!! Anything, also have you heard of filmriot I watch them every week and they kind of have the same style as you. Funny and actiony. Sincerely, Your AWESOMEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. If they DMCA you, you have all their information.

You can counter-sue, or. No you can't. Any use that isn't fair use you can't use like that and 'under 30 seconds' isn't fair use. Just because you have views doesn't mean the ads were served. Never thought about it - we want to do it for a giant group but my advice is always free - hit me up on twitter.With all due respect, your personal website is kind of lackluster and, in my opinion, not too reflective of the kind of high-quality work you put out.

Ever think of considering a redesign? someone on Reddit.Like.for free. My personal website?Hey Freddie, big fan and graphic artist myself here. My friends and I all like to make short films and try out different after effects techniques, and we love watching the new videos you crank out.My question for you is this: My close friend, who doesn't do much redditing, is a huge fan of yours. I mean we're talking big (He's even made a reply video to your typing challenge that got a good amount of views). Is there any way you could give him some sort of a shout out?

Or maybe even just comment on one of his videos? It would mean more to him than I think you know. I could PM you the link if you're interested.Thanks, and keep up the great work!! Chrono - Time. Trigger - gun trigger. Guitar is self taught and I love the instrument and the physical feel of playing it.Hey Freddie!I'm an aspiring youtuber and have a few questions on how to get better.What tips and advice can you give to aspiring YouTubers out there?When it cones to making my next video, I'll often hit a road block and will release a video that I think is crap. What's your creative process and how do you overcome writer's block, so to speak?Will you be at playlist live next year?

I sure hope so!Thanks for taking the time to look over these questions! Hope you find the time to answer them! Motivation is like how do you get motivated to fire up the Xbox and start playing video games?

It's something I like to do so 'motivation' isn't really necessary.Hey Freddie! I'm a big fan.never used reddit so I hope this gets through to you. First question, I really want to get into film making and graphics utilization, how did you get started and what do you recommend doing to start getting experience? And second, why are you not a Hollywood director yet?!

Or at least being a part of major Hollywood film?? Your work is amazing! Thanks very much:). Making videos and putting them online is a fulltime job.I never thought I'd get the chance to actually talk to Freddie Wong.Wow. I really don't have any questions about VFX or anything like everyone else so let me see.I noticed in 'Final Fantasy XIII is a Terrible Game' you guys had a PS3. Who actually plays on that (you or Brandon?) and what are the odds of us getting to play some time?Also, your face on 'Home, Alone' cracks me up every time I see it.Keep up the amazing work guys. Been following your videos for a couple awesome years now.

Punisher is so rad. I got no beef with Bieber dude is just doin' his thing he ain't like enslaving child soldiers or anything.You mentioned a little while back that you might have a 48-hour video contest. I would really enjoy this.

Adobe Cs6 Crack Milkman Song

Also, would you announce when the contest will be like a week beforehand and then not give the prompt until it starts, or would you just bring it up out of the blue and enjoy the chaos? Also, thanks for doing the AMA, and thanks for giving me a reason to drive to Kansas City on Monday to ride roller coasters! Enjoy it too much.-a friend of mine was an extra on VGHS, and he said that not only was it cool working with you, but you managed to have no shortage of really attractive women on set. Based on episode 1, i'd agree. How did you manage to get such a photogenic cast? Open casting?

Agency?-do you believe string theory is a legitimate scientific theory, or merely implausible hackwork? (i could see that debate in a future video of yours.

A bunch of nerdy physicists arguing over the validity of string theory, and having it escalate into a giant battle with gravity-bending, dimension-warping weaponry from their lab.). Ninja Warrior is actually WAAAAY harder than it looks. Unbelievably so.Hey Freddie. I love your videos.You're quite awesome. What do you think the future is of high production value free video content like what you and Corridor Digital do?Also, where do you get the money for all of the stuff you do?

I see a lot of youtubers with much lower budgets than you (seemingly) like Shane Dawson or PhillyD, who are supposedly earning as much from youtube as you are, and spending just as much to keep their own channels running. I like their stuff too, and I know they don't really need RED Epic's and 3D effects, but it still seems like you guys have stuff much closer to cinema quality while still staying 'on budget.' Thanks and keep rocking! Five years ago MySpace was the biggest social networking site of all time. I don't think the internet will look anything like today in 15-20 years! But I hope whatever comes of digitally distributed content direct from artist to consumer is something we can be a part of.Hey Freddie this is really cool because you and Brandon made me want to make films.You met my friend Allan Dixon at Rollercoaster day, hes from Ireland and went over to meet the billionaire guy.

Anyway, I really want to get into film making, and I'm doing a degree in Computer Science in case it doesn't work out for me, but what advice would you offer somebody whose friends aren't all into film making. Like all your friends seem to be really into film making and playing computer games and making music and all really cool things, but none of my friends seem as into film making as I am. Do you think to be a good Youtuber you really have to live in LA? That seems like where everybody is. Thanks a lot if you answer this.

I've traveled overseas many times - I assume you mean for filming stuff? Haven't considered Australia specifically noI'm selling my old Canon XL1 which I've had for a while and used in uni for shooting stuff, but thinking I should probably get a DSLR or something like that to replace it so I can still film stuff if I need to. So slightly more generic questions to follow, but with the aim of getting some advice too. What would be your 'dream' camera to own.

What's your favourite camera you use and why. what's a great and cheap (≈£500/$800) camera which shoots good videoGushing comment next.Videos are awesome and make me want to get back into VFX and all that lovely stuff. All part of the evolution of the site, and all things that people like to complain about at first and then forget about a few weeks laterI have a couple questions:.What advice could you give someone who wants to create something on youtube that would garner a lot of attention?

Is it best to simply 'do what you love', or to try and pander to what you think many people want to see, or some combination of the two?.Did you ever play any of the old sierra/lucasarts games? If so, which ones are your favorite?.What do you think you would be doing if you weren't making videos?.How exactly do you start making money for your youtube videos? Do you have to achieve a certain number of views/subscribers before youtube decides to contact you or something like that?.Do you think it's better to say things like 'Remember to subscribe!' At the end of your videos, or not?.Ever seen Rurouni Kenshin? I'm watching it right now and it's amazing. It's a bit of both, depending on how much of an audience you want.

Yes, oh man. Kings Quest V, VI, and VII, Full Throttle.

Probably computer stuff or video game stuff. At the time there was a application process but now if you have a video that qualifies for advertising based on a threshhold Google sets for 'popularity' you become a partner. It helps from what we've found, but it can kill the likelihood of blogs embedding your videos because no blog likes to put in advertisements for other people on their site. NopeRayWilliamJohnson is very shit. I remember you making a video with him addressing the 'trolls', but do you legitimately enjoy what he does (or rather, what he takes from other channels and comments on with silly voices)? I started off being a film major because that's what I wanted to do but I had plenty of classmates who figured it out later or even changed from film to something else.

Luckily most programs don't really get into film stuff until end of sophomore year/beginning of jr year anyway so you can just go to a school with a film program and apply once you're inHey, just a question about VGHS. If that one girl is the captain of the school's jv fps team, does that mean there are other video game high schools they play against? If not, where do their opponents come from? Yes, and that's a subject for the next season - this season we're within the school and next season we expand the universeHey Freddie, I'm a huge fan of your's and it would be awesome if you could reply to this.Have you and Brandon ever thought about coming out to Australia? You guys have a massive fanbase out here full of people who would love to meet you or be in one of your videos.

Adobe cs6 crack torrent

There are heaps of good locations and it would be really good for your channel in terms of gaining a bigger audience. It would also convince us that you care about overseas fans too! P.S, loving VGHS at the moment, can't wait for the donators skype call. Actually not much of a drinker but good lord are they. Wong Fu are awesome - we'd love to do anything with them anytimehey freddie! Do you guys get city permits to shoot with replica guns or do you just do it guerilla style and hope for the best?

If so, have you ever been caught? I guess the same question applies to shooting in general without any permits. I'm shooting a short film on red epic now and we shot at a location wthout a permit, but we have some outdoor shoots coming up soon with a gun involved and i'm worried about the possible problems. Thanks for answering! Saw one of the US vs Canada games at the winter olympics and it was incredible. Hockey live is way better than on TV by a jawdropping marginFreddie,First, I love all of your videos. You guys have done such an awesome job.


Now, my question. I am an acting major who is very interested in all aspects of film. I am currently trying to write and produce the screenplays I've written, which I've recently started making them more like 5 minute episodes, in to YouTube series. Do you have any advice for someone getting started with this? Ty for your time and keep on rockin mane!!-Nycholus. Yes - screen acting as I'm sure you've noticed is way different than stage acting. If you want to be a good actor you should know how you look on screen - how your facial movements read at different focal lengths, how your physically needs to amplify or diminish based on the shot, etc.

Easiest way to do this is act out good material and shoot it like a movie and EDIT IT YOURSELF. Take notes on your takes of what you're doing, and in the edit, pick the good ones and refer back to those notes and try and learn what works and what doesn't.

Do screenplays of movies you've never seen then compare your performance to the actors in the movie. What are they doing differently? What choices are they making and why?Do you get confused with the asian guy from heros alot? You'll see in VGHS - there's a song that Brian wrote that's in there and I'm laying guitar under.1) Have you guys ever had to give up on a project idea because it was simply too hard to accomplish the VFX you wanted, thus becoming frustrating?2) Do you and/or Brandon take on commissions that aren't on your YouTube channel, or do you only stick to collaborations that will end up on freddiew?3) If a VFX artist wants to collaborate with you and/or Brandon, what are your requirements for taking on a project with them?

(Other than them not sucking). It's just extra bandwidth (in terms of people power) on our end to do that and manage it allHello,Just a strange technical question. Given that you upload many high quality videos online, do you upload all the videos from your Google/Youtube account yourself or do you manage uploading videos between other people, even colleagues? I have a personal Gmail (only) account and I'm not sure it's wise attaching a permanent channel to it.What would you do to make things easier in terms of security and convenience in the long term for uploading 'quality' content?(Enjoying your new series, a lot)Thank you,Dash. Offer them the ability to do something acting wise they normally can't and have it be seen2. Don't take up more than a few hours of their time.NOTE: LONG, SO FEEL FREE TO JUST MARK THIS AS UNREAD AND GET TO IT AFTER YOU'VE RESPONDED TO OTHERSThis is going to be kinda long.

I also know that after making this comment you've probably been kind of swarmed with pony-related comments. So, as a preface: if you'd like to only respond with 'I read your comment' to let me know that you did so, that's totally fine. If you want to push my comment to the end of your queue and keep it there until the interest in this AMA has completely died down so that you don't end up responding to this for a few days, that's also totally fine.

It's more important to me that you end up reading it than anything else; take as long as you need.Also, just to answer you directly: is a two-parter episode featuring John De Lancie, actor of Q on Star Trek: The Next Generation; is an episode which I think does an extremely good job of introducing all of the characters; and is an extremely entertaining episode.Now onto what I really wanted to talk about.For me, personally, I never became a brony because of the show. I loved the first two episodes, but not nearly as much as many other shows, and it quickly declined in quality for me. Ultimately, if I'd been watching purely for enjoyment, I never would have sat through more than maybe two or three episodes; even though the show was good, there were far better shows available in Netflix's vast selection to spend my time on.The reason I stuck with it was curiosity about the fanbase. I wasn't fully aware of the existence of bronies at the time; I'd seen the Just Kidding, I Posted Pinkie Pie meme used a few times on Reddit, and thought it was funny enough that I used it myself a few times, but at that point I had never heard of bronies.

It wasn't until later when a friend whose tastes are generally similar to mine mentioned the term on Facebook that I found out what they were and decided to take his recommendation and try it out, starting with the first two episodes.I realized something quickly. A guy who has that particular type of insecurity that makes you change yourself for others could never be a fan of this show. In addition, someone who jumps to conclusions without full evidence can never be a fan of this show.

Photoshop Cs6 Crack Torrent

If a person fits either of those traits, they will hear that the title of the show is My Little Pony and immediately lose all possible interest. 'I can't possibly like that; I saw the version from the 1980s,' or 'I can't possibly like that; it's for little girls and therefore must be like all other shows for little girls' are both examples of where someone who jumps to conclusions without evidence will be unwilling to like the show, and 'I can't possibly like this; people will judge me for it' is an example of how someone who changes themselves to suit others would be unwilling to like the show.So, as far as I could tell, in those two ways, being a brony required a certain level of maturity from a viewer. Sure, people could have other flaws, but the show required that you have neither of those two: you don't jump to conclusions, and you don't change yourself to suit others. In those ways, at least, I thought the show required its fans to be mature.This seemed to me like a solution to one of my biggest problems in life: a complete lack of intelligent communities on the Internet.Now, my theory was wrong. Turns out people can be bronies and still totally suck.

But I got lucky, and happened to stumble into a segment of the community which didn't suck;, back when it was at about six thousand subscribers, had some of the most intelligent and active discussion I'd ever seen in any subreddit. So I stuck around for that. I watched the show not for personal enjoyment, but for the fact that I wanted to be part of what I saw as an amazing fanbase, and if I had to pay for that by devoting some time to the thing that the fanbase was about, that was fine by me.Over time, the show has grown on me, and I'd say by the end of S2, it completely sustains itself on its own and I would keep watching even if the rest of the fanbase disappeared. But my point with all this is: there are a lot of different reasons to become a brony. Some people really are totally obsessed with the show; some people are totally obsessed with the fandom.

I really love the fact that you're willing to give us a try by watching three episodes, but I'd also appreciate if you could keep in mind that there are plenty of bronies who aren't as obsessed with the show as the fanbase seems to be. Bronies like me who are fans of the fanbase are not rare at all; I'm just estimating, but I'd say they make up around a quarter of the fanbase.To summarize: I think it's great that you're trying to understand the fanbase, it makes me incredibly happy to know that someone I admire so much is doing this. Haven't used both enough but leaning towards Premiere.I've loved editing video and creating visual effects since I was a kid, and over the past year and a half, your videos have inspired me to retain focus. I've always wished to have some sort of dialogue with you, so here it goes:. Ever hear of the Descendants of Erdrick? They're a video game tribute band out of Austin - this is their guitarist, Lobos:.

Download Adobe Master Collection Cs6 Crack

I almost won a contest from a video that I made with some friends based on League of Legends ( ); it's gritty, but I'm EXTREMELY thankful for your advice on how to approach sfx. What are your opinions on a DSLR like the T3i compared to a the Sony EX1?. What was it like getting approached by Google to speak in a YT creator class?.waves.