M33 Installation Package For Solution

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M33 installation package that includes the SONY official firmware version 3.71 & 1.50. QuickBite » Blog Archive » Latest PSP Custom Firmware release 3.71 M33. I show you how to take control of the iTunes 10 installer so you get exactly what you want. In addition to installing the iTunes and QuickTime packages. I'm currently running CFW 5.00 M33-6 on my PSP-1000 and was wondering if there is any real reason to upgrade to a newer CFW? Everything runs.

  1. M33 Installation Package For Solutions

M33 Installation Package For Solutions


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Before u start upgrading your PSP, make sure that PSP has over 75% battery power (FULL is better)02. Format your “Memory Stick Duo” to avoid annecessary error03. Back up your “SAVE” data folder before formating your PSP MSD.04. An Error while updating PSP will cause “BRICK” or “SEMI BRICK” (recoverable), do it with your own risk.05. The one who got 'BRICK' (bad luck!!), don't throw your PSP yet, because there is still solution for it.

(using Pandora Battery + MSD Pro)-Here we go -There are 2 basics step for upgrading your PSP, and it depens on where it starts.For example:01.