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Contents.Plot The story is about an orphan named Raju a businessman in India. His mother died when he was very young, his father had already left him.

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At work, Raju witnesses Rajesh Mittal winning an award on TV. Raju realises that Rajesh is none other than his dad, and leaves immediately for London. At the airport, he meets Sonia Singh who has too much luggage and tries to get Raju to hold it. Raju understands her plan, and it backfires on Sonia. The two then begin to believe they love each other. After this, Raju finds Rajesh and tells him the truth. He then finds out that Rajesh is already married to Smitha and has two kids, Rinkie and Bunty.

Rinkie is about to get married to Vicky but she is unaware of his drug dealings. Raju gives Rajesh seven days to break the news to his family and call Raju his son or he'll tell the family himself. After he leaves, Rajesh gets afraid and hires gangsters to attack him. On his way out, Raju gets beat up by the hired gangsters, though later rescued by Shera , also an Indian living in London. He saves Raju from getting beat up and helps him as well.He advises Raju to go into Rajesh's house as a family friend, and that he should get to know the entire family. When Raju asks Rajesh to give him a good place to stay, Rajesh takes Raju to his friend Robin Singh's mansion. There he meets Sonia again and learns that she is Robin's daughter.


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Yeh Hai Jalwa Movie Hd Video Songs Free Download

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They gradually fall in love. On the eighth day, Raju goes to Rajesh's bungalow but realises the family is on holiday. Therefore, Raju goes back to India, until he overhears Robin calling Rajesh and inviting him over to his house. Raju gets into the boot of Rajesh's car so he can also go with them.Rajesh is horrified when he sees Raju come. Raju stays with the family at the resort. Rajesh finds out that Raju's visa has expired and he calls the police.

They take Raju. Purshottam Mithal is at the airport as he has come back from Paris and Raju sees him. Raju tells him that he knows Rajesh. Purshottam renews Raju's visa and takes him back to the Mithal mansion.When Rajesh gets home he thinks that he will have no problems with Raju. But he is mistaken and he sees Raju at his mansion. A few days later Rajesh has to go to a conference overseas and Raju accompanies him. The company that Rajesh is in a partnership with is blaming Rajesh for no sales lately.

Raju then explains to the company that it's their fault because their products are crap. Rajesh tells Raju to be quiet but the company urges Raju to go on. The say to Raju to come and join their company but he says he can't leave Rajesh. Rajesh is very happy with Raju and he gets drunk and he calls Raju his son.When Rajesh gets up in the morning, Raju has bought in breakfast. Raju then goes up to patch things up with Sonia, only to witness her trying to make him jealous by flirting with another boy. When he leaves to stop her, he realises the boy she is flirting with is actually Shera, his good friend. He explains his problem, and that the two actually love each other, so Shera backs off and explains to Raju that if he needs any help, he would be there.

He also tells Raju where Vicky always drug deals.Raju catches Vicky red-handed as he is talking to his partners about dealing drugs. Raju shows Rajesh and Rinkie the truth and Rinkie is devastated.

Rajesh hits Vicky and Vicky shoots Rajesh.Rajesh is taken to the hospital. Both of his kidneys have failed and he needs a kidney. Purshottam offers him but he is diabetic so he can't. Smitha does too but her blood group doesn't match Rajesh's. Smitha says that Bunty will but he denies as he wants to be a pop singer.

Yeh Hai Jalwa Movie Video Song Free Download

She says Rinkie will but she denies to as she wants to have babies when she is older. The next morning Purshottam tells the doctor that he has called all his relatives and one of them at least will be able to give a kidney. The doctor tells him not to worry as someone has already given one. He asks who but the doctor says that the person has asked to keep him anonymous.In the end, Rajesh confesses to the family that Raju is his son. Raju says he is lying and Rajesh is confused. He says to Raju didn't you want me to say this? And Raju says why are you lying you're not my father.

But Raju does confess and everyone finds out that Raju was the one who gave a kidney to Rajesh. Purshottam and Smitha aren’t mad at Rajesh but in fact happy that Raju is related to them. They live happily ever after.Cast. as Raj 'Raju' Saxena / Raj Mittal. as Rajesh Purushottam Mittal. as Sonia Singh Mittal. as Shera(Special appearance).

as Meghna Saxena (photograph). as Smita Mittal. as Rinkie Mittal. as Robin Singh. as Purshottam Mittal.

as Vikram aka Vicky. as Bunty Mittal. Anil Nagrath as Dr. Khanna. as Chotu (Club Owner). as Club Owner's elder brother.

as Surgeon. as Buta Singh. as GoonSoundtrack Yeh Hai Jalwaby.

Yeh Hai Jalwa Mp4 Video Song Free Download

Released2002Universal Music Indiachronology(2002)Yeh Hai Jalwa(2002)(2002)Professional ratingsReview scoresSourceRatingPlanet BollywoodThe album features 7 songs composed by and the lyrics penned. The album was well received particularly by the audience and moderately by critics. 'O Jaane Jigar' was a hit while the rest of the album did moderately well that year.Track lists #SongSinger(s)Length1'London Mein India',06:002'Aankhen Pyari Hain',06:073'Carbon Copy' 105:004'Dheere Dheere',05:235'Jalwa' (O Jaane Jigar),06:206'Chori Khankayi Re',05:287'Carbon Copy' 2 And 3,06:39References.

Description:For More Bollywood Comedy Movies: Bollywood Superhit Movies: Best Bollywood Dialogues: Bollywood Classic Movies: Pal Ke Joke Pal - Comedy Gags:: Yeh Hai JalwaDirector: David DhawanProducer: Kanchan Ketan Desai & Ketan DesaiWriter: Imtiaz PatelStarcast: Salman Khan, Rishi Kapoor, Ameesha Patel, Anupam Kher & Others.Yeh Hai Jalwa is the story of happy-go-lucky Raju (Salman Khan). Street-smart and worldly-wise, Raju's life takes a turn when he finds out he is the illegitimate son of seriously rich, UK-based businessman Rajesh Mittal (Rishi Kapoor). Raju of course sets off to London to claim his rightful place in the Mittal family and a happily married Rajesh Mittalliving with wife, Smita (Rati Agnihotri) and daughter, Rinkie (Rinke Khanna) is rudely confronted with a grown up illegitimate son. While Rajuis busy trying to make a place for himself in his adamant father's heart, he also finds a soulmate in Sonia (Amisha Patel), the daughter of Mittal's most trusted advisor.For More Updates, Subscribe to;For Hit & Latest Music:Blockbuster MoviesMovies & Music in Regional Languages:Heavenly & Peaceful Devotional Music:You Can:'LIKE' us on Facebook:us on Twitter:us on Google+:Hai Jalwa Hindi Full Movie Salman Khan Ameesha Patel Hindi Romantic MovieUploaded on YouTube by Venus Movies.

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