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Download TurboPower Async Professional for free. Async Professional is a comprehensive communications toolkit for Embarcadero Delphi, CBuilder, & ActiveX environments. It provides direct access to serial ports, TAPI, and the Microsoft Speech API. Another option is to go into the old utility and switch out the serial communications component for a TApdWinsockPort, which can serve as a regular serial port or a socket connector depending on configuration. This is probably the better fix anyway, but will take some non-trivial. (it is now in Delphi XE5). I was using this component when I was working with Delphi 7, but now, with Delphi XE5 I can't even compile it. Althought, I don't think that it is still maintained. As I can see the last update was back in 2010-03-10.

Oh my god is the Lazarus Editor bad.It can't indent properly.It totally blocks the tab from going forward.Backspacing back to previous indentation doesn't work.I tried a couple of options, it seems a total whack job.How anybody could create such a bad editor is beyond my comphresenion in abig way.Especially with editors like SynEdit which is pretty easy to setup fordecent editing.Such a bad editor as lazarus would totally drive me nuts and make my codevery bad.I know totally understand this whacky guy which couldn't indent properly.I suspect he was using Lazarus LOL! Poor fellow.If I can't do it then he sure as hell can’t.I set it up with 4 spaces for tabs and Lazarus doesn't understand jacksquatefrom that.This is pretty much the end of the line for Lazarus for me.Perhaps I will contact their mailing list to let them know how bad theireditor is but why bother if they are so retarded.I am gonna find me a nice Delphi XE torrent quickly. Gjezus fuckingchrist.Bye,Skybuck.Skybuck Flying06.06.11 8:40.

Developer Erik Salaj over at WINSOFT has a whole suite of Com Port components for Firemonkey in Delphi and CBuilder. The various Com Port components give you access to the Com Port on Android, OSX, and Windows. It does not appear that there is any support for IOS though. You can communication with all kinds of different devices using the Com Port like printers, sensors, joysticks, and all kinds of Internet of Things devices. There are a number of different components for Com Port access on Android which include connecting via Serial, support for FTDI FT311D and FT312D devices, support for Prolific devices, USB connected devices including FT232R, CDC/ACM (Arduino Uno), CP2102 and CH34x chips, and even more USB Serial devices including CP210x, CP2130, CDC, FTDI, PL2303 and CH34x devices.

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The Windows and Mac OSX Com Port components are also available for standard serial port communication. I believe there is a Windows version for VCL and one for FMX.

Rs232 Serial Communication Software

On the Windows side there is even support for Protocols 3964 and 3964R. WINSOFT is a third party library integration powerhouse with over 50 different third party libraries wrapped in easy to use Delphi and CBuilder components. The components are commercial but there are free trials available and come with full source code after purchase. Additionally, you can buy ALL of the components together at a very steep discount. The bottom line is if you need to connect to any type of serial device from Android, OSX, or Windows using Delphi or CBuilder you should check these components out because they can save you a lot of time. Accessing the Com Port becomes as easy as “ComPort.ReadAnsiString;” and “ComPort.WriteAnsiChar(AnsiChar(Key));”.